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Home Biotechnologies Creation Of The Prototype Of The Monopulse Sounding Ultrasound Scanner With The Ex-panded Diagnostic Opportunities

Creation Of The Prototype Of The Monopulse Sounding Ultrasound Scanner With The Expanded Diagnostic Opportunities


The theoretical and experimental results confirming an opportunity of the creation of the ultrasonic scanner with expanded diagnostic opportunities have been received at the fulfillment of the STCU’s project № 2071 «Definition of physical parameters of biotissues at ultrasonic inspection of mammary gland with the purpose of expansion of diagnostic opportunities».

The researches carried out by us testify, that the visualization of the reflecting biological structures with the help of monopulse sounding gives the qualitatively new opportunities of the medical diagnostics. In particular, allows to define the physical parameters of a biofabric layers, to distinguish the biostructures with a various gradient of an acoustic impedance’s change, allows to allocate the layers of a biofabric normally located to a sounding direction, allows to define the structure of a biofabric and a spatial spectra of bioscatterers.

The new opportunities of the ultrasound scanning are realized in a prototype of the ultrasound system of visualization, which basic functional units - the multielement piezoconverters, the scheme of the beams formation, the transmit-receive units and a software, are directed on the use of monopulse broadband signals.

The following main principles are put in a basis of the ultrasound scanner with the expanded diagnostic oppor-tunities:

  • use of the architecture as much as possible ap-proached to the architecture of the universal scanner;
  • use of the superbroadband transducers and the sounding signals of the minimal duration;
  • registration of a plenty of the raw data for main-tenance of the universality at processing;
  • realization of the processing original algorithms both in the specialized computer, and in a univer-sal computer.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The efficiency of such scanner as diagnostic means, will provide the following the scientific and the technical decisions:

  • new principle of the construction and the manu-facturing techniques of the broadband multiele-ment disk and linear piezoconverters;
  • principle of the construction of the transmitting device with the digital regulation of a stimulating pulse form for reception of the monopulse waves in disk and linear piezoconverters;
  • algorithms and software of the visualization of the fabrics structure by the comparison of the accepted by multielement disk and linear piezoconverters signals with the reference echosignals (from het-erogeneities of a known kind) from beforehand generated libraries;
  • algorithms and software of the measurements of a biofabric’s physical parameters.

Their introduction in diagnostic systems will essentially allow expanding of the diagnostic opportunities of the ultrasound scanners.

Areas of Application

The monopulse sounding ultrasound scanner with the expanded diagnostic opportunities is intended for the application in medical establishments of various types. At the first stages of its familiarization in the medical practice, taking into account an opportunity of the measurement of the blood vessels walls elasticity, it is rational to use for the diagnostics of the vascular pathologies.

Fig.1 Echogramms of a mammary gland part: a –received on the basis of peak ratio of the accepted echo-signals; b – added with the lines of "a zero level».

Fig. 2 Echogramm of a kidney part with the marks of a dividing fabric’s borders: blue color – for more elastic, than the previous environment of the distribution and yellow color – for less elastic

Stage of Development

The opportunity of the realization of the technical decisions determining the new diagnostic opportunities is confirmed theoretically and experimentally also. Algo-rithms and software, solving the tasks of formation of the monopulse signals, the echoimages visualization and the definition of the physical parameters, in particular, elasticity are developed.

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"Radmir" company, the subsidiary of NIIRI JSC
Contact person: Leontyev Volodymyr
Address: 271, Akademika Pavlova Str., Kharkiv, 61054
Telephone: (38 057) 738-43-63
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