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Home Biotechnologies Dynamic Cell Monitoring Using A New Fractal Microscope System

Dynamic Cell Monitoring Using A New Fractal Microscope System


A new Fractal Microscope System (FMS) for continuous monitoring of the tiniest changes of an object’s optical density is developed. FMS provides a quantitative view of virus-cell interactions in a time-series of frames at any stage of the interaction. The FMS is useful in life sciences and drug design, in agriculture and veterinary sciences, in physics of liquid crystals and surface phenomena, in polymer and colloid chemistry.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The FMS is based on the fractal structural properties of an object’s organization. The computerized fractal microscope could take frames of any nano-scale process, monitoring it in real time. The FMS has numerous benefits as compared to standard techniques, such as the direct infected cells’ luminescent microscopic counting:

  • It is a better and simpler way of providing a quantitative description
  • It provides an objective quantitative numeric measurement
  • It allows inline quick monitoring of virus-cell interaction could be realized at any stage

What does a Fractal image tell you?

A fractal image after processing makes it possible to estimate the size of minimal cluster composed by the units under consideration (e.g. cells, nuclei or viruses) and the fractal dimension D of the cluster itself which demonstrates the level of the space filling.

In one example, we have shown that the intra-spinal brain fluid has liquid crystalline properties and forms a fractal cluster. The cluster’s fractal dimension was changed as a result of brain trauma and the recovery process was accompanied by the changes of the fractal dimension. The treatment of the trauma enhanced the rate of the fractal dimension changes.

In another experiment a fractal microscope was used for leukemia blood serum samples study. The normal serum had distinctively other values of the fractal dimension than that taken from the leukemia patient. The treatment of the leukemia case demonstrated the changes in fractal dimension towards normal values of this system parameter.

Areas of Application

Applications of FMS in life sciences and drug design:

  • For anti-viral applications FMS provides a quantitative view of the virus-cell interaction in a time-series of frames at any stage of the interaction,
  • For detecting viral infections of the animal semen during artificial insemination,
  • For drug design process acceleration.

Application in agriculture and veterinary sciences:

  • Food and drug quality monitoring,
  • Viral infection transfer monitoring in domestic animals and wild nature.

Application in surface science phenomena:

  • For organic materials water dissolution limits establishment,
  • For chain polymerization process monitoring and for production of polymers,
  • For problems of surface and interface exchange in physics and physical chemistry,
  • Self-organization and clusterization control in nano-technologies.

Fig. 1 Functional view of Fractal Microscope

Fig. 2 Image of herpes infected
Hep-2 cells obtained by
luminescent microscope.

Fig. 3 The fractal image of
the same cells specimen.

Stage of Development

A prototype of the FMS has been assembled and tested. International patent applications are anticipated.

Contact Details

I.I.Mechnikov Odesa National University, Physical Faculty
Contact person: Oleksandr P.Fedchuk
Address: F.79, Bd.30A, Balkivska St., Odesa, 65110, Ukraine
Tel.:(380-48) 716 5288 (office), (380-97) 686 0584 (cellular)
Fax: (38048) 716 5288
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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