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Home Biotechnologies Application of plant growth regulators for garden trees

Application of plant growth regulators for garden trees, shrubs planting, flowers, champignons, melons.

Application of plant growth regulators for garden trees.

Spraying of trees with biostimulants is carried out simultaneously with phytosanitary processing against diseases and pests during bud bursting. Second spraying is carried out in the budding stage. The spraying with growth regulators Emistim C or Biolan is carried out after flowering also for stress coping, activation of photosynthesis and improvement of production quality.

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Application of plant growth regulators for shrubs planting.

For use before planting of shrubs and young trees it is necessary to prepare the magma consisting of clay (1 kg per 10 litres of water).

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Application of plant growth regulators for flowers.

Results of studying of growth regulators Ivin, Biolan, Emistim C, Agrostimulin, Charkor on cultivation of flowers and ornamental plants (dahlia, lilies, tulips, hyacinths, roses, clematises, orchids, etc.) afford ground for recommendation them for application on tubers, bulbs and saplings. These regulators considerably increase a leaf surface, activate photosynthesis, increase quantity of buds, plant resistance to diseases and improve a vendibility of flowers, their safety after cutting.

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Application of plant growth regulators for champignons.

Plant growth regulators Emistim C and Biolan are applied in technologies of mushroom cultivation (shiitake, champignons, pleurotus) for the purpose of yield increase and obtaining of more ecological production.

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Application of plant growth regulators for melons.

Presowing seed soaking in solution of Biolan or Emistim C promotes increase field germination, accelerates growth of sprouts, flowers and ovaries. Flowering and ripening dates are accelerated by 3-5 days, the content in fruits of sugars, vitamins, dry substances increase, the content of nitrates decreases.

At production field the use of Emistim C or Biolan on water-melons results in extra yield 2.3-2.5 t/ha (19-21 %), melons – 1.0-1.2 t/ha (12-14%).

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Areas of Application

Agriculture, agronomy.

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Ponomarenko Sergiy P.
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Address: 50, Kharkivske shose, Kyiv, 02160 Ukraine.
+380-44-559-66-17, 558-07-10.
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