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Home Biotechnologies Polyfunctional bioformulations against parasitic nematodes

Polyfunctional bioformulations against parasitic nematodes for agriculture and animal protection


The creation of effective biological means for plant and animal protection from parasites and diseases received the sharp character at last time. Parasitic nematodes are the one of widespread and harmful factors for plants and animals. Crop losses from plant parasitic nematodes are from 25 % to 70 % at various countries.

Contemporary agricultural manufacture becomes more and more oriented to application of preparations with features of biopesticides for protection of agriculture plants against diseases and pests. Preparations based on antibiotic avermectin at present are considered the most promising plant protectors against pests. The macrolide antibiotic avermectin is a complex of eight closely related components: four major (A1a, A2a, B1a, B2a) and four minor (A1B, A2B, B1B, B2B). The B-components have a broad spectrum of insecticide, acaricide and antihelmintic effect.

Researchers of IMV of NAS of Ukraine have isolated streptomycete strains able to synthesize avermectin, its variant Streptomyces avermitilis UCM Ас-2179 with high biosynthetic activity was obtained as a result of traditional selection and chemical mutagenesis methods. HPLC-analysis shown this strain synthesizes all avermectin components. On the base of S.avermitilis UCM Ас-2179 we have elaborated the new bioformulation Avercom with more than 40 % of B-component. Chemical analysis of Avercom has shown that the preparation is a complex of biologically active substances: beside avermectin the bioformulation contains a lot of physiology active substance such as phytohormons, lipids, vitamins, free amino and fat acids. We have created new modification Avercom-nova as the complex of Avercom with polysaccharide.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • The created bioformulations contain the biologycal active complex of compounds that demonstrated the ability to decrease the quantity of plant parasitic nematodes, to increase the plant resistance to phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi, and to stimulate growth and harvest of agricultural crops.
  • The therapeutic form of Avercom (Avervet) is effective against helminthes including nematodes, ecto- and endo-parasites (insects and ticks) of dogs and pigs, sheep and goats. is effective against the dog helminthes, in particular, toxocars and uncinariums, the nematodes and ticks of pigs, the nematodes of the sheep stomach and intestinal system, and the nematodes of the goat stomach, intestinal and respiratory systems.

Areas of Application

  • Crop production (especially wheat), particularly biological farming as ecology safe polyfunctional bioformulation for a crop capacity increase, and the crop quality improvement, also for the plant protection from the plant parasitic nematodes, and for increase of plant resistance against phytopathogenic bacteria and fungi
  • Veterinary practice as effective mean against helmintes of pigs, sheep and other livestock.

The roots of healthy wheat plants (A) and affected by nematodes (B)

Stage of Development

The technology of manufacturing of bioformulation is developed. Bioformulations have State registration by Ecology Safe Department of Ukraine for application as poly-functional preparation with antiparasitic and plant stimulating action. Patent of Ukraine, the trade marks Avercom, Avercom-nova and Avervet are registered

Contact Details

Prof. Galyna Iutynska, Deputy director
Organization: The Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine.
Address: Zabolotny str. 154, DSP 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine
(38044) 5265557.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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