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Home Biotechnologies Hyperhigh frequency laser system for biomedical researches

Hyperhigh frequency laser system for biomedical researches


Hyperhigh frequency laser system (HHF LS) is based on HCN laser (operating wavelength is 0.337 mm). The system is mainly used for medical purposes, because submillimeter radiation promotes the metabolic processes in a human organism, i.e. reduces the period of treating the joints and bones diseases. The laser facility can be employed to mobilize the immune system and regulatory functions of a human organism for prevention and curing the musculoskeletal system affections and fulfilling other therapeutic purposes.

Main properties are:

  • submillimeter radiation is monochromatic and continuous
  • wavelength is 0.337 mm
  • power flux density is in the range of 0.4 ÷ 1.6 mW/cm2
  • possibility of bringing the radiation to any point of irradiated zone using beamguide pantograph - manipulator

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The special-purpose facility provides the study of biological effects of low-intensity HHF radiation on living organisms and applicability of such type of waves for medical purposes as a new physiotherapy effect.

Areas of Application

Potential areas of application of the project products are biomedicine, physics, radio physics, and THz frequency range electronics.

Scheme of hyperhigh frequency laser system:
1 - HCN laser; 2 - laser supply unit;
3 - pantographmanipulator; 4 - work table;
5 - remote control.

The HHF LS front view
The HHF LS front view

Stage of Development

Manufactured HHF LS operates in Sytenko Institute of Spine and Joints Pathology, Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences.

Contact Details

Kogut Aleksandr Yevgenievich
Organization: Usikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of NAS of Ukraine
Address: 12, Ac. Proskura St., 61085, Kharkov, Ukraine
+38-057-720-34-57, +38-057-720-33-19
Mob: +38-050-401-16-96
Fax: +38-057-315-21-05
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