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Animal breeding and agricultural preparations

Litosil is bioprcservative preparation with complex action. The preparation is intended for forage plant ensilage for maximal preservation of its nutritive value. Litosil consists of selected lactic acid bacteria cultures that regulate purposefully microbiological processes, inhibit putrefactive microorganisms' growth, synthesize biologically active substances (vitamins, amino acids, etc.), actively adhere to animal enterocytes, normalize its microflora.

Subalin - a highly effective biopreparation, based on the strain of aerobic spore-forming bacteria capable to human interferons production. The preparation is effective in relation to virus infectious agents, such as flu, herpes, Venezuelan encephalomyelitis and also has high antagonistic activity to a wide spectrum of pathogenic and conditional - pathogenic microorganisms. Introduction Subalin in the animal induces at them formation endogenous interferon, which provides antivirus protection of an organism. Combination antibacterial and antivirus properties in one preparation - essentially new approach to treatment of many diseases mixed aetiology. Patented in Ukraine and Russia.

Endosporinum is highly effective etiotropic preparation- probiotic in treatment and prophylaxis intestinal and purulent infections, of postpartum endometritis, retained of fetal membranes ( afterbirth) and other inflammatory diseases of genital ways of dairy cattle and other species of agricultural animals. Endosporinum suppresses growth of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora, positively influences the pathogenesis of infection, stimulates protective immune reactions, moderates the severe signs of disease, cut down postpartum recovery period. It does not influence the quality of meat and milk production. Endosporinum is harmless for warm-blooded in doses the 200 times higher than those for therapeutical use. The preparation is lyophilic bio-mass of specially prepared bacteria, spores, bioaetive metabolites and dried remains of the growth medium. Patented in Ukraine.

Virekses - highly effective antiviral and immunomodulating I type interferon medications. They are used as an effective tool to increase immunobiologicaJ reactivity. The groups of advanced immunomodulators - Virekses are prepared using non-traditional materials, the medical ions are species-specific. Virekses - Porkavirex (pig), Bovivirex (cattle), Kanivirex (dogs, foxes, polar foxes) are nontoxic, not antigenic in homologous animals, not harmful, do not cause side effects, in particular allergic reactions. This type of drugs is increasing the level of nonspecific immunity not only in viral, but also in bacterial infections, especially in the early stages of the process and in young animals. Virekses have sharply expressed immunomodulatory properties with activation of the phagocytic cells system. This is particularly important for the prevention and treatment infectious diseases in newborn animals, whose immune system have not yet formed. Virekses cause a sharp increase in resistance to inflectional agents or their elimination, contribute the rapid attainment of clinical effect. Patented in Ukraine.

Lactin is effective ecologically pure probiotie for prophylaxis of gut infections, disbacteriosis, for purposeful formation and stabilization of chicken microflora, normalization of metabolism, stabilization of protective forces of bird organism. The probiotie contains lactic acid bacteria - representatives of normal microflora of chicken digestive tract. They provide high biological activity, produce lactic acid, vitamins of group B, essential amino acids. Lactin has been tested at Kyivska, Kharkivska and Crimean regions of Ukraine. Patented in Ukraine.

Lactosan is high effective natural remedy for protection of pigs from gastrointestinal diseases (colibacteriosis, salmonelosis, disbacteriosis, etc.). The probiotic represents the alive lactic acid bacteria included in normal microflora of pig digestive tract and possessing biological activity: produce L-lactic acid, vitamins of group B, essential amino acids. Its efficiency is connected with caused beneficial metabolic changes in a digestive tract of pigs, better assimilation of a fodder, increase resistance of the organism, antagonism against opportunistic microorganisms. Lactosan is favourable alternative to antibiotics. The preparation is safe for environment because pig factory waste doesn't contain harmful products distorting the ecological balance. Patented in Ukraine.

Bovilact is a biological product for young cattle - is natural remedy for protection of the animal organism against acute gastrointestinal diseases. It contains concentrated alive cells of highly effective cultures of lactic acid bacteria - pro ducers of biologically active L-lactic acid, vitamins of group B, and essential amino acids. Patented in Ukraine.

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