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Food processing preparations (milk, yogurt and other)

Ferment Streptosan is a composition of lactic acid bacteria that actively adhere on human enteroeytes, accelerate the excretion of harmful metabolic products, normalize action of gastro-intestinal tract. The ferment contains the complex of lactic acid enteric bacteria specific for Abkhazian long-livers. Streptosan has high antagonistic activity against causative agents of intestinal infections and putrefactive microflora. The technology of manufacturing of new dairy product for dietary food was developed on the basis of the ferment. Patented in Ukraine.

Ferment Gerosan is a composition of lactic acid bacteria selected at the In¬stitute, and chosen by the spectrum of antagonistic activity in respect of the pathogenic and putrefactive microflora of the people's digestive tract, adhesive activity to intestinal enteroeytes. The technology for production of a new lactic acid yogurt-like "Laktogerovit" is developed. Patented in Ukraine.

Lactogerovit is dairy drink like yoghurt with high nutritive and biological value and has pleasant taste. It is intended for treatment-and-prophylaetie nutrition, especially for seniors. Lactogerovit is manufactured on the basis of raw milk with addition of biologically active substances that have radioprotective properties. The ferment Cerosan is used for Lactogerovit production. This product consumption provides normalization of carbohydrate metabolism in organism, cholesterol level reduction. It normalizes seniors' enteric microbial cenosis.

EPAA is copolymer, which created on exopolysaccharide basis. This adhesive, created on exopolysaccharide basis, dedicated (or the agriculture (for example improvement of soil physical and biological properties, its may be use as carrier for pesticide, nodule forming bacteria, phages and - agent of sands fixing), for textile ((lament's grinding and dyeing cloth), woodworking and microbiological industry as for household requirements too. The technology of EPAA reception has been developed. Preparation is ecologically safe and doesn't contain harmful impurity (components). Patented in Ukraine.

Xampan is bacterial origin preparation, which is dedicates for application in food-processing industry (as a thickener and structure forming agent and biologically active substance) and agriculture (as carrier of pesticide and growth regulators). Patented in Ukraine.

Melibiase - enzyme preparation extracted from micromycetes intended for usage in food industry for improving of soy bean milk quality.

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