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Home Biotechnologies High-resolution piezoelectric translation for optical and life science applications

High-resolution piezoelectric translation for optical and life science applications


The objective of this project was to improve the advanced high-resolution piezoelectric translation stages of a micromanipulator for pilot-production. Micromanipulators are used for precision linear displacement in a wide range of scientific and engineering applications where nanometer size steps are required. These micromanipulators with nano-step resolution and long distance of travel (up to several centimeters) are engineering solutions which are needed for applications including integrated circuits, life sciences, and optical applications. Currently these micromanipulators are sold and used for very precise cell manipulation during invitro-fertilization.

The main benefits and characteristics of these manipulators developed by Dr. Petrenko’s team of engineers include:

  1. High linear resolution: better than 1 nm while scanning up to 100 mm length;
  2. High angular resolution: approx. 1 arc-second in the spinning range of 360 degrees;
  3. Longtime stability (in the open loop mode): better than 1 nm drift/hour;
  4. Smooth change of speed during a wide range of scanning;

Set of piezoelectric translation stages (from left to the right)
UPM-L6, MLD-ML5, NTS-10, NTS-25, NTS-100.

Contact Details

Petrenko Sergiy Fedorovych
Organization: Small Scientific Production Enterprise "LILEYA-Ltd"
Address: Kiev-03150, Predslavinskaya 39, Office 511
(380-44) 580-1376; (380-67) 918-32-68
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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