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Method Of Antiviral Vaccines Preparation And Conservation


Proposed technology concerns the fields of virology, medicine, biotechnology and veterinary medicine and should be applied to the antiviral vaccines’ preparation and conservation especially for the anti-rabies and anti-influenza vaccines. With the scope of the inactivated vaccines’ preparedness terms prolongation and preservation of the viral antigens from the autolysis (proteolytic splitting) during the storage period, it is proposed to introduce the stabilizer in the form of the proteolysis inhibitor – E-aminocaproic acid (E-ACA).

It was shown experimentally that the animals, immunized with the inactivated anti-rabies vaccine, based on the rabies virus strain Vnukovo-32 and containing E-ACA, were by 21% more shielded from the lethal rabies infection caused by the rabies virus strain CVS (Fig.1). It could be seen directly that the E-ACA addition leads to the creation of higher level of rabies virus-neutralizing antibodies.

The E-ACA introduction to the content of the inactivated anti-influenza vaccine causes its better storage and further higher level of immunogeneity (Fig.2). For this hypothesis approval, we have performed the laboratory animals’ immunization with the vaccines E-ACA containing and without E-ACA addition. Both types of the vaccines were stored for 6 months’ period at the temperature of 4oC. It was shown that the animals, immunized by the E-ACA containing vaccine, were more protected than those immunized with the regular vaccine.

The stabilized vaccine causes the prevention of the infectious viral titers increase by 2,0 lg EID50 as compared to the regular vaccine without E-ACA addition.

The experimental results have shown, that after the animals’ immunization with the E-ACA containing vaccine, the antibodies titers were by 1.86 times higher than that for the animals vaccinated with the regular vaccine (Fig.2). The antibodies’ level in serum taken from the animals vaccinated with the modified vaccine after 3 and 12 months of its storage was high enough. It was shown that under the conditions of the mice double vaccination with the E-ACA containing vaccine after the 3 months period of its storage, the virus-neutralizing antibodies’ level in the vaccinated animals’ blood serum were increased due to the vaccination by 2.2 times. Even the year-long period of the E-ACA containing vaccine storage, causes the 1.3 times increase of the anti-influenza antibodies level as compared to the corresponding value caused by the regular vaccine without the stabilizer.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

We have shown for the first time that Е-АCA could be used successfully as the inactivated live vaccines’ stabilizer. Its addition allows to:

  • Diminish the vaccine allergeneity;
  • Prolong the vaccine storage period;
  • Prevent the viral antigens’ destruction;
  • Increase the vaccines’ immunogeneity;
  • Protect the viral antigens from autolysis.

Areas of Application

The proposed technology could be attributed to the field of medicine, biotechnology and veterinary medicine, namely to the methods of live inactivated antiviral vaccines production. The vaccines, prepared with the use of the proposed technology could be used for the specific antirabies and anti-influenza prophylactics of humans and animals.

Fig. 1 Influence E-ACA on the protection
efficacy of anti-rabies vaccine

Fig. 2 Influence of E-ACA on the titers of
antiinfluenza antibodies after immunization by
vaccines with differ-ent preservation periods

Stage of Development

The proposed vaccine preparation technology is laboratory tested and experiments were performed on the animal models. It is patented in Ukraine (Patent of Ukraine # 9574 “Method of Vaccine preparation” published 17/10/2005/, priority of 27/12/2004/.

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Mechnikov Ukrainian Anti-Plague Research Institute
Contact person: Alla Fedchuk
Address: 2/4, Tserkovna Str., Odessa, 65003, Ukraine
Tel/Fax: (380-48) 731 7883
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