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Home Biotechnologies Method Of Ultrasonic Visualization Of Viscoelastic Properties Of Soft Tissues For Medical Diagnostics Of Pathologies

Method Of Ultrasonic Visualization Of Viscoelastic Properties Of Soft Tissues For Medical Diagnostics Of Pathologies


The improved method of visualization of soft tissues visco-elasticity is based on ARFI (Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging) and SWEI (Shear Wave Elasticity Imaging) modalities. This method uses generation of local shear deformation of soft tissues with ultrasound radiation force. The proposed approach provides for diagnostics of neoplasms and other pathological conditions of soft tissues on very early stages where standard methods of ultrasound visualization do not work.

Experimentally confirmed possibility of determination of pathologies less than 5mm, while standard methods determine only sizes of 15-20mm. Moreover, the proposed methods could be used for control of destruction process of pathological tissues. This was confirmed by studies of visco-elastic properties of soft tissues. Both in phantoms and in samples of soft tissues (in particular, samples of muscles and fragments of cow liver) we’ve obtained the similar dependences of amplitude of displacement growth at the increase of temperature.

Thus, it confirms that the control of amplitudes of displacement of tissue with the help of Doppler method could be used for the temperature control during destruction of pathological tissues by powerful ultrasonic radiation.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • unigue algorithm of calibration of ARFI and SWEI methods for simultaneous estimation of visco-elastic modulus of tissues;
  • noninvasive 2D visualization of elasticity and viscosity properties of soft tissues;
  • early diagnostics of malignant neoplasms and other pathologies;
  • real time noninvasive control of temperature destruction margins of soft tissues pathological areas by powerfull ultrasound;
  • real time Doppler technology.

Areas of Application

Ultrasonic visualization of visco-elastic properties of soft tissues could be used in medicine for health care.

  • Measurement of hardness and viscosity in local points in human body during medical checkup (oncology, different pathology).
  • Measurement of presence of fluids inclusion in human body.
  • Measurement of muscle strain during athletes training.
  • Noninvasive monitoring of process of ultrasonic thermal tissue destruction in real time.

Fig. 1 Visualization of model pathology with adding contrast
matter Al2O3 (it is impossible to visualize such pathology
without such contrast matter by standard ultrasound visualization

Fig. 2 Determination of the same pathology without any
contrast matter by the method of acoustic remote palpation (ARP).
This pathology is registered by the skeqness of
standard bell-shaped signal shown on the Fig.3.

Fig. 3 Standard bell-shaped signal obtained from the
homogeneous model medium.

Stage of Development

SWEI system with ultrasound Doppler signal processing is available for demonstration. This system is validated by the use of phantom based on gelatine and muscle tissues.

Contact Details

Kharkiv National V.N. Karazin University, Department of Biological and Medical Physics
Tovstiak Volodymyr, Professor, Head of Department
Adress: 4, Svobody Sq., 61077, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel.: (38 057) 707-5212
Fax: (38 0572) 54-4746
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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