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Home Biotechnologies Methods and Devices for Investigating Human Blood Cells via Microinterferograms

Methods and Devices for Investigating Human Blood Cells via Microinterferograms


  • A new kind of blood test capable of determining the structure of the cells themselves.
  • Holographic Interference Microscope to obtain the interf erograms of native blood cells, digitize the interferograms, compute 3D images, and to measure the blood cell morphological parameters, such as size, volume, surface square, and sphericity.
  • Algorithms and software package that requires little knowledge to use and correctly interpret correctly the images of native blood cells.
  • A model study of the structure of native blood cells to establish the characteristic features of the most commonly reported communicable diseases, such as influenza.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • The Holographic Interference Microscope allows a typical spatial resolution of 1 μm.
  • The measurement and processing time is mainly limited by the processing computer and takes a few seconds for a 1-GHzPC.
  • The Holographic Interference Microscope is a portable device with dimensions of 400" * 200" * 120" (1000mm * 500mm * 300mm).

Areas of Application

Medical research

Fig. 1 Holographic Interference Microscope

Fig. 2 Human blood cell 3D image


Contact Details

Professor llya Zalyubovsky
Professor Dmitry Batrakov
KharkivY Karazin National University
Kharkiv, Ukraine
Tel: +380 57 707-5257
Fax: +380 57 705-1261
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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