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Elbow Fixator

The elbow fixator falls into the class of upper-extremity orthopedic apparatuses. It is intended for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients after elbow joint injuries and surgeries, in the case of dislocations, subluxations, ligamentous injuries, inflammatory, destructive and degenerative diseases of the elbow joint, and for contracture treatment.

Mikrotytrator for Serological Tests and Scientific Studies Connected to Direct and Indirect Imunoflyuorestsent the Method of Hanging Drops

The objective is to create “Mikrotytrator” which provides mikrotytration in serial dilution on a flat work surface, such as substantive glass formicroscopy needed for studying thematerial using the methods of direct and indirect imunoflyuorestsently and hanging drop method, and so on.

A Technology of the New Natural Vitamin E Metabolite Industrial Synthesis and Application For Protecting Organism Against Oxidative Stress

Vitamin E

Laboratory technology of a chemically synthesized new vitamin E derivative was designed and can be utilized to produce medication, biological active ingredient as well as food supplements and veterinary products. Mentioned above new vitamin E derivative is a natural metabolite of the vitamin E and possessing additional biological properties compare to the native vitamin E. Proposed vitamin E derivative can be used for prophylactic as well as treatment of variety pathological states with oxidative stress etiology. Product provides more effective protection against such pathologic conditions as hypoxia, vitamins deficiency, intoxication est. Proposed vitamin E derivative can be used as an independent product as well as the component of an existing medications and therapies for treatment of disease and pathological states of oxidative stress etiology in human as well as animals.

Radically New Bioenergoinformational Medical Technology with the Use of Electromagnetic Waves

The functional condition of all organs and tissue systems is assessed on the same scale by measuring the admittance of the bioenergy channels of the human body.

Technology and Device for Photochemistry Modification of Membran Processes for Patients With Lung Tuberculosis and Increase of Efficiency of its Chemotherapy


Therapeutic efficiency of antimicobacterial treatment of tuberculosis remains low as a result of impossibility of overcoming the biological barriers of organism and resistant of causative agent of tuberculosis to drugs. Combination of tuberculosis with concomitant pathology (in particular by pancreatic diabetes) complicates a situation, so as assists development of oxidative stress, which strengthens oxidizing modification of albumens, violation of the structurally functional state of cells, exhausts antioxydant potential of organism.

“Filomek” is the Drug for Prophylaxis and Treatment of Disorders of the Reproductive Human System


The invention relates to the pharmaceutical industry, in particular to producing medicinal agents from reproductive tissues of sea hydrobionts and can be used in the form of a prophylaxis agent for restoring a human reproductive system and for treating hormonal deviations in a hypophysis gonads system.

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