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Home Chemistry Organic Nanocomposite Films for Nonlinear Optics

Organic Nanocomposite Films for Nonlinear Optics


Dr. Grytsenko's team manufactures the following product lines:

  • Polymer films for use as low-k dielectric layers, barrier and protective layers;
  • Nanocomposite dye-polymer films for integrated-optic devices, nonlinear optics, optoelectronics;
  • Nanocomposite metal-dye-polymer films for photonic, plasmonic and sensor integrated-optic devices.

These materials are produced by gas phase deposition. The developed technology includes know-how and a unique device for the evaporation of dye and polymers, which principally differs from existing devices for evaporating inorganic materials.

Specific products include, but are not limited to:

  • Teflon films as the best low-k dielectric for the next generation of microchips;
  • Polyparaxylylene and polyparaphenylene sulfide films as a material with a high refractive index for waveguides;
  • Polymer waveguides filled with asymmetric nonlinear or sensor dyes as active functional materials for integrated-optic devices, in particular, for creating fully-optical transistors and microchips;
  • Teflon films filled with metal (Au) and dye nanoclusters for chemical catalysis, biochips and photonics devices;
  • New asymmetric evaporable functional dyes for active components in integrated-optic devices.

Fig. 1 Relief of Teflon film and
dye nanodots on it

Stage of Development

Automated laboratory-scale installations and a prototype of an industrial installation are available and practically ready for commercialization.

Contact Details

Dr. Konstantin Grytsenko
Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Kyiv

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