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Home Environmental Water Purification by a Combined Action of Ozone and High-Energy Electron Beam

Water Purification by a Combined Action of Ozone and High-Energy Electron Beam


One of the possible alternatives to chemical disinfection is electron beam irradiation applied simultaneously with ozone. Electron beam irradiates water with a beam of highenergy electrons, causing the formation of transient reactive species: aqueous electrons, hydroxyl radicals and hydrogen radicals. The cell membranes of the microorganisms are destroyed due to synergistic effects, making the treatment more effective. The fundamental investigations have proved that the beam-ozone techniques elaborated are very prospective for the water purification from injurious bacteria, pathogenic viruses, medicines and chemical compounds.

In natural water samples, this factor is brought down to the standards stipulated for drinking water. In addition, (30- 50)% of organic compounds can be split by these techniques. Up to 40% of oil products become destroyed. Inorganic compounds (nitrites) are decomposed by 85% (to compare with their starting content). The total destruction of antibiotics is achievable. As it is proved, the regimes optimal for the water processing depend on the degree of bacterial and chemical contamination as well as on the temperature of water and its pH-index. This technique of water disinfection causes temporal changes in biological characteristics of the residual microflora that still has remained viable after processing with the beam and ozone. Changes in sanitary-model microbes’ characteristics indicate themselves via deterioration of sensitivity to many antimicrobial medicines, the persistent potential lowering down and a steep decrease in toxin-generating bacteria’ ability to produce exotoxin.

A new technique of the water disinfection is also developed, where copper ions are added to the water processing with the beam and ozone. Copper ions synenergetically intensify the oxidizer antimicrobial effect more than 10 times. A new barrier-free ozonizer “OzWW 4/2” is also proposed. In this device, ozone is synthesized due to the pulse glow discharge in the oxygen atmosphere. The ozonizer generates an ozone-oxygen mixture where the ozone concentration is high (>3%). The ozonizer mode of operation is very stable, the maintainability of this device being high. The plasmachemical reactor of ozone synthesis consumes the energy about (6-8) W*hour 1 g of ozone during one hour, which corresponds to the best world achievements. Two accelerators were used: resonance accelerator (the energy is (3- 4) MeV and the linear inductive accelerator (LINAC) that provides the electron energy up to 2 MeV.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Disinfection of sewages from medical, the industrial and domestic water suppliers.

Areas of Application

  • Operational monitoring of industrial lasers and other sources of radiation, both coherent and non-coherent;
  • Certification of coherent and non-coherent laser sources;
  • Measurements of laser beam power characteristics in scientific and medical applications.

The general view of LINAC
Fig. 1 The general view of LINAC (a), and the beam extraction windows
(b) - “1” is the window made of CCCM; “2” is the extraction window mounting.

Glow discharge ozonizer OzWW 4/2
Fig. 2 Glow discharge ozonizer OzWW 4/2

Stage of Development

Ready for application.

Contact Details

National Science Center “Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology”
Contact person: Kornilov Eugeniy
Address: 1, Academichna, 61108, Kharkov, Ukraine
Tel./Fax: (+38 057) 700 1523
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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