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Home Environmental Environmentally friendly gasification of municipal solid wastes

Environmentally friendly gasification of municipal solid wastes


Environmentally friendly gasification technology for processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) is proposed. The technology allows to treat MSW effectively and to obtain medium-calorific producer gas with minimal negative impact upon environment. Twin fluid bed gasifier consists of two fluid bed reactors – gasifier itself and combustion chamber – connected with each other by a chute.

Steam gasification takes place in the gasifier; sand is an inert material of the bed. Sand is heated in combustion chamber at the expense of burning of char coming from gasifier through chute. Heated sand goes back to gasifier. The construction of the unit is suitable for further scaling up so that the technology is brought to demonstration level and then to commercial application.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The proposed gasification technology has advantages over other types of gasifiers as well as over other thermochemical processes for MSW treatment such as combustion and pyrolysis, namely:

  • low formation of dioxins and furans due to optimal construction of the gasifier and combustion chamber;
  • comparatively simple gas cleaning system;
  • low negative impact upon environment;
  • compacting effect from gasification is much more than that from pyrolysis. Unburned charcoal remains after pyrolysis while only ash remains after gasification;
  • gasification is a less power-consuming process than pyrolysis;
  • as gasification takes place under limited amount of oxygen, formation of dioxins is much less intensive than during direct combustion of MSW;
  • due to lower temperature during gasification as against combustion, formation of NOx is also much less intensive.

Areas of Application

The installation can be used by municipalities or landfill operators for MSW utilization. As producer gas is of high quality the unit can be equipped with gas engine for power production.

Layout of a 50 kW twin fluid bed gasifier
Fig. 1 Layout of a 50 kW twin fluid bed gasifier.

Stage of Development

A 50 kW experimental unit has been constructed and investigated in the laboratory. Detail design and design documentation is available. The unit can be scaled up to 5 MWth without significant problems.

Contact Details

Contact person: Dr. Geletukha Georgiy
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, NAS of Ukraine
Address: 2A, Zhelyabov street, 03057, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel./fax: (+380 44) 456-9462
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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