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Home Environmental Express analyzer of the main environmental safety parameters of transportation fuels

Express analyzer of the main environmental safety parameters of transportation fuels


A challenging ecological situation has taken shape in many large cities of the world. The ever-increasing number of motor vehicles has resulted in 2 mln tons of automobile-exhaust pollutants released into the air every year, which amounts to 87% of exhausts from all pollution sources.

The amount of noxious substances released into the air by a motor engine depends, in the first place, on the quality of the motor fuel it used. Checks on the quality of fuels sold by retail show that 18–20% of fuels fall short of the requirements of the State Standards.

The main discrepancies become apparent in the petrol octane number, the content of admixtures and additives that are used to increase it, as well as sulfur content in petrol and diesel fuels.

Regular total control of the main parameters of fuel quality, such as octane and cetane numbers, as well as sulfur content in gasoline and diesel IS IMPERATIVE. The available control devices do not provide required operation speed.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The analyzer of anti -knock ratings of all kinds of gasoline and diesel has no analogues in the world in terms of operation, mobility and cost-effectiveness. The XRF express analyzer determines sulfur content in liquid oil products accurate to ±0,0005 %.

Against the arbitration unit CFR F2U:

  • One measurement takes 30 sec. (against 30 min.);
  • One measurement takes 5 mcgr. of fuel (against 0.5 kg.);
  • Its measuring capacity – within 50 to 100 octane units accurate of 0.1 by the motor, research and temperature methods simultaneously;
  • Can operate in an automatic mode;
  • Its weight is 10 kg. (against 1 ton);
  • Can be placed on a lab desk;
  • Simple in operation.
  • Allows complete automation of the process of measuring petrol anti-knock value both in production and at every filling station.
  • The result is independent of petrol composition and additives used

The electronic express analyzer allows transportation fuel octane and cetane ratings to be determined 300 quicker and reference and control fuel consumption to be reduced 1000 times. Complete with an XRF meter of sulfur contaminants it can operate in field conditions and is 5-10 times less expensive than any other instrument of this class.

The set we offer does not need specially equipped premises, is simple and reliable in operation and can be attended by only one operator. It allows for automation of measurement processes.

Areas of Application

Wherever it is necessary to express control anti-knock ratings and sulfur content in transportation fuels.

To accelerate formulation of gasoline blends and automate their production at oil refineries; to express control commercial fuels quality at oil refineries, customs houses and gas stations; to control fuel desulfurization processes.

Fig. 1 The general view of the new electronic express analyzer.

Stage of Development

Express analyzer has undergone state tests and been included in the State Register of measuring devices allowed for operation in Ukraine (№U1732-03. 23,04.2003) аnd in Russia (UA.C.31.999.A №25040,-19.09.2006).

Ready to produce.

It is possible to produce both individual analysers or their sets in small batches.

Contact Details

Kyselov Vladislav, Ph. D.- leading researcher of the Institute.
Address: 50, Kharkivsky Shosse. Kiev, 02160, Ukraine.
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry & Petrochemistry of NAS of Ukraine
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
Tel. (38044) 5597011;
Mob : (38067)7980194.

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