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GaAs solar batteries on honeycarbonfiber bases


Our institute has sufficient practical experience in development and manufacture of solar batteries of space application. In 2003-2005 years GaAs solar batteries for power supply of the Ukrainian microsatellite "MC-2-8" were developed, flight complete sets of solar batteries and checking-test equipment for the Egyptian microsatellite "EgyptSaM" were developed and manufactured.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

In a construction of GaAs solar batteries were used single junction solar cells on the basis of an GaAs on a germanium substrate (GaAs/Ge) with efficiency about 19-20% manufactured by E.N.E. company (Brussels, Belgium). For increasing solar batteries reliability, and also for avoidance of negative consequences of complete or partial shadowing the protective (bypass) diodes connected to each group of parallel solar cells were applied.

The radiation protection of GaAs solar cells was carried out by cover glasses Thales company (Great Britain). First time in Ukraine the battery were assembled on honeycarbonfiber bases which were manufactured by State Design Office "Yugnoe" (Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine). First time in Ukraine the technology ultrasonic and welding bythesplit electrode of silver interconnections and contact pads an GaAs solar cells was developed.

Designed technology and construction ensure the following characteristics of solar batteries:

Areas of Application

The results of development can be used:

  • in systems of power supply of satellites with small weight, overall dimensions and low power consumption;
  • in concentrator GaAs solar batteries of terrestrial application.

Stage of Development

The designed hardware products are tested, are accessible to demonstrating. The off-line and complex terrestrial tests of a solar battery and checking-test equipment are carried out. The reached technological level corresponds to the fifth level (TRL) on gradation INTAS (STCU).

Contact Details

State Enterprise Scientific and Research Technological Institute of Instrument Engineering
UA-61010,. Kharkov, Primakova str. 40/42
The deputy of director: Borshchov Vyacheslav
Phone/fax +38 057 733-0662
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
The chief of a department Listratenko Alexandr
Phone. +38 057 733-2933

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