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Heat complex on geothermal wells


There have been developed and set up several heat units on geothermal wells (Medvedivka vill., Yantarne vill., Crimean AR, etc.).

For geothermal water utilization the water should be extracted on the surface by hydrolift process, which was developed and designed by the Institute of Renewable Energy. Then geothermal water is purified, the sand and soil particles are removed in the separator basin, then water goes through thin purification filter and finally it goes to heat exchanges. Out from heat exchanger the heated water goes to dwellings for space hating purposes. The water is also used for drying vegetables and fruit, etc.

Example: Heat complex in Yantarne vill, Crimean AR has got the following parameters:

  • Geothermal well debit: 65 m3/hour;
  • Geothermal water temperature: 850С;
  • Geothermal water pressure: 1,2 MPa;
  • Thermal capacity: 3 MW.

Using geothermal heat in Yantarne vill. allows heating 2 hectares of greenhouses and saving 1,500 t of oil equivalent per season (or 1,200 m3 of natural gas/season, or 864 t of diesel fuel/season).

Heat complex equipment cost – 500,000 grivna.

Payback period – 1-2 years.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The use of geothermal circulation system for maintaining seam pressure prolongs operational life of the system up to 20 years.

Based on geothermal heat unit in Medvedivka vill, ~ 100 kW of electricity has been produced out of the gas, dissolved in thermal water.

Areas of Application

Geothermal energy has been used for space heating purposes in social and agricultural sectors, hot water supply systems, drying agricultural products as well as producing cold for storing agricultural production.

Fig. 1 Utilization scheme of geothermal energy use in Yantarne village.
ГТП – geothermal thermal unit;
ГХУ – geothermal cooling plant;
Х – cold stores;
С – drying unit;
ТК – greenhouse unit

Stage of Development

Geothermal thermal unit in Yantarne village has been operated since 1993, in Medvedivka village – since 2002.

The technology of drying and storing agricultural production has been developed, the certificates have been made.

Contact Details

Olijnichenko Valeryi
Institute of Renewable Energy at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
02094, Kyiv-94, Chervonogvardijska str.20a
tel.: +38 044 527 26 57
fax: +38 044 527 26 57
Е-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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