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Mobile health complex


Mobile health complex (MHC) is designed for supplying hat water into standalone (independent) temporary located units/complexes or ones located in the zones without hot water supply systems or sewerage. The complex is based on an automobile trailer. The water is heated up by sun to 45-80 єC and is accumulated in an accumulation tank. The utilized water is collected in a separate capacity for its further purification or drainage into sewerage. This prevents polluting the environment.

If there’s no sun available MHC could heat up water by the grid power or by accumulated power from PV batteries.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The suggested technological development of a mobile health complex has hot several basic advantages:

  • Can operate in standalone mode as almost completely independent of centralized heat and power grids, as well as sewage systems;
  • Doesn’t need additional financial investments and time for location and further use;
  • Availability of the tank for used water and autonomous lightning show comfort advantages as well as ecological standards.

Areas of Application

The developed mobile health complex can be used in summer houses in rural areas, in recreation houses, in agriculture (when working in the fields gathering crops), in remote places where oil and gas pipelines are served.

Mobile health complex
Fig. 1 Mobile health complex

Stage of Development

Pilot model based on serial-produced automobile trailer has been made already.

Design of the complex have developed

Contact Details

Tamila Syrzhyk, PhD
Institute of Renewable Energy at NAS of Ukraine
Address: Chervonogvardilska str., 20 a, 02094, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel/fax: +38(044) 537-2657
Tel.: +38(044) 240-9008
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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