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Home Environmental Multi-fuel sources vehicle based on electro, gas and photovoltaic consumption

Multifuel sources vehicle based on electro, gas and photovoltaic consumption


Among existing transportation means automobiles and cars are given the most interest as over 70% atmosphere pollution is being the result of cars using liquid fuel. The increasing number of such cars causes bigger ecological pollution natural resources exhaustion, namely oil.

Wide use of transport vehicles based on electrical draught force and gas engines could be the alternative to automobile transport. However classification niche of such transport types as well as accumulation type electrical transport is still empty. But it has got objective advantages – harmful emissions, lower operational costs, adjusting 24 hour load charts, statistical adequacy of daily inter-charging run of 80-100 km in city conditions. Calculations show that each million inhabitants in big cities get service in service centers for 100 thousand cars. Their functions could be delegated onto electrogas automobiles. Increased amount of generated electricity for the electrocycles could be compensated by utilizing solar energy. The economy of organic fuel use will make 100 million liters (80 thousand tons) per year.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The innovation features of multi-fuel sources vehicles are being as follows:

  • developing methods for transport complex monitoring optimization;
  • high-efficient system for accumulation module charging based on renewable power;
  • new construction of gasification chamber that could increase multifuel sources vehicle lifetime period, reliability and haulage distance.
  • CO2 content in emissions will not exceed 0,2%. Positive effect of multifuel sources vehicle
  • use – decreasing operational costs (by 5-6 times) comparing to traditional petrol based transport of the same class;
  • almost zero harmful emissions.

The main advantage is in favor of multifuel sources vehicle ecologically friendly features.

Areas of Application

The vehicle will be effectively used in transport for city passenger transportation purposes and small cargo transportation. multifuel sources vehicle can be used by private consumers and different city infrastructures, like post service, ambulance, municipal, gas, power and telephone service and maintenance, and also be used in agriculture and forestry.

Prototype of passenger multi-fuel sources vehicles
Fig. 1 Prototype of passenger multi-fuel sources vehicles

Fig. 2 The basic technical parameters of the development vehicles

Stage of Development

The components of power and gas based transport have been developed and tested. The pilot model has been made.

Contact Details

Contact person: Golovko,Volodymyr, D. Sc.
Institute of Renewable Energy at NAS of Ukraine
Address: Chervonogvardijska str. 20А, Kyiv, 02094
Tel/fax +38 044 537-2657
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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