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Home Environmental Novel “energetic” materials & laboratory equipment for portable batteries assembling

Novel “energetic” materials & laboratory equipment for portable batteries assembling


Electrochemical methods of energy storage and conversion are of great interest for many practical applications. The market of portable batteries and fuel cells for electronic devices is showing a strong tendency to expansion. Answering the needs of environmental protection, a lot of research work is devoted to development of fuel cells and promising batteries for electrical vehicles. There is a great demand, therefore, for relatively low cost and environmental friendly electrode materials and catalysts used in batteries and fuel cells.

However, there is a huge discrepancy between experimental data obtained in the laboratories of different scientific centers and battery manufacturers. The main reason is that most research laboratories can not carry out electrochemical testing of their materials in full battery samples of industrial sizes. It is impossible, therefore, to carry out standard tests required by industry.

We have developed reliable, precise and relatively low cost sets of laboratory equipment and technology for making battery samples of standard industrial sizes.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Kyiv National University of Technology and Design (KNUTD) has developed a set of Lab equipment and technologies in order to assemble the coin cells of 2016 and 2325 sizes (Fig. 1a, c) for testing the Lithium, Lithium-Ion, Lithium-Polymer and alkaline manganese dioxide batteries (Table 1), as well as novel materials for these types of batteries.

Table 1. Characteristics of coin batteries attained in standard industrial sizes

Kiev National University Technology and Design (KNUTD) has developed unique sets of equipment and Lab. technology for assembling the following types of cylindrical batteries:

  • alkaline manganese dioxide battery AA size
  • carbon/Zinc batteries of AA and D sizes (Fig.1 b, d);

Different promising active materials, electrolytes,, separators, conductive and other types of additives, current collectors and other novel materials could be tested in battery samples of some standard industrial sizes of different chemistries.

Fig. 1 Fig.1. Coin (a) and cylindrical (b) batteries of different
chemistries, as well as laboratory equipment for assembling
of batteries (c) and (d)

Table 2. Characteistic of cylindrical batteries attained in standard industrial sizes

For example, materials for negative electrodes of lithium - ion batteries with specific capacity from 400 to 600 Ah/kg have been developed in cooperation with superior Graphite Co., Chicago, IL.

Areas of Application

Different electronic and electrotechnical equipment (like watches, flashlights, calculators, computers, children's toys, remote-control stations, mobile telephones, cameras, camera-recorders, etc.).

Stage of Development

Tested, available for demonstration.

Contact Details

Prof. V. Z. Barsukov
Kiev National University Technology and Design (KNUTD)
2, Nemirovich-Danchenko str., Kiev 02011, Ukraine.
Tel.: (38-044) 256-2102;
Fax: (38-044) 280-0512
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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