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Home Environmental Oxygen – containing additive as an ecologically beneficial component of internal combustion engine fuel

Oxygen – containing additive as an ecologically beneficial component of internal combustion engine fuel


The most pollution agent of the environment in the cities is the motor vehicle transport, equipped with the internal combustion engines. The main drawback of black oil and gas derived fuel burning in ICE during operation of vehicles is high emission of harmful particles into environment, the main part of which consists of carbon oxide (СО), nitrogen oxide (NO, NO2, NOx), lead, sulfur oxide (SO2) and unburned hydrocarbons (CnHm). The amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, alkyl-benzene) in emissions is often 2-3 times higher than that allowed by maximum concentration limit (MCL). Besides, the relative danger of benzpilene and dioxin is million times higher in comparison with CO or 50 thousand times higher than that of nitrogen oxide. Another aspect of ICE system imperfection is tear and wear, which results in smut, lacquer buildup and increased smoke of exhausts.

Specialists of the «Clean-Service» developed scheme of the use of alternative fuel types and systematized on ecological efficiency.

The row of efficiency of different types of fuel is following:

  • Hydrogen >> Methane > Natural gas > Petrol > Ligroin > Kerosene > Diesel >> Oil > Black oil > Oil after working (wastes) >> Soot (coal)

The row of efficiency of different types of oxidant is following:

  • Ozone >> Oxygen > Hydroxyl (ОН) >> Air (21% O 2)

Row of efficiency of mixture of fuel with an oxidant:

  • (Hydrogen + Hydroxyl (ОН) > (Hydrogen + Oxygen) >> Methanol (СН3ОН) > Ethanol (С2Н5ОН) > (Natural gas + Air) >> (Petrol + Air) > (Diesel + Air) > (Biodiesel + Air)

Optimum variant for the ordinary fuel types now:
(a) Petrol + Hydroxyl (ОН) + Air or
(b) Diesel + Hydroxyl (ОН) + Air or
(c) Biodiesel + Hydroxyl (ОН) + Air

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Clean-burn economical internal combustion engine with application of the hydroxyl solution as an fuel additive (up to 20% of the total volume), and the use of cheap waste products from liquid organically biomass have been presented.

New type of coatings on the combustion engine pistons
Fig. 1 New type of coatings on the combustion
engine pistons

Samples of fuel with oxygen-containing additive.
Fig. 2 Samples of fuel with oxygen-containing additive.

The main advantages of joining of the oxygen - containing additive with diesel fuel were discovered:

  • Exhaust smoking actually disappeared and carcinogenic diesel smut in combustion chamber is not generated;
  • Consumption of diesel fuel with additive was decreased by 21-22% (of the total volume) depending on working load of the tractor;
  • Controlled growth of engine power;
  • The cost of diesel fuel with oxygen-containing additive is 3-5% lower than the cost of the pure fuel.

Areas of Application

All internal combustion engine for work on the alternative fuel types.

Stage of Development

They were prechecked on the tractor “ЮМЗ/6АКЛ” in “Agro-Soyuz”, which is one of the leading enterprises in the Ukrainian agricultural sector.

Ukrainian Patent # 78572, April 10, 2007;

Ukrainian Patent # 85978, March 10, 2009;

PCT Publication # WO 2008/132548 A4, November 06, 2008.

Contact Details

Aleksey N. Klishyn
Director of ”Clean-Service”, Small Private Enterprise
24/32, New st., Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovs’k reg, 51400, Ukraine
Tel / Fax:+ 3805632 34164
Mob. +38050 612-7736
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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