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Home Environmental Production of pyrolysis oil from biomass

Production of pyrolysis oil from biomass


Fast pyrolysis of biomass is widely used for bio-oil (pyrolysis oil) production. Bio-oil can be applied as a fuel in boilers, diesel engines and gas turbines.

Fast pyrolysis technology on the basis of ablative reactor of a new type (screw reactor) has been developed. In the reactor particles of raw material are under heating and ablative influence (ablation) due to squeezing and rubbing against the body of the reactor. These two factors insure optimal parameters of the process for high yield of liquid bio-fuel.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Developed technology is simpler than some other existing fast pyrolysis technologies (circulating fluid bed, circulating transported bed). Developed screw reactor can operate on a raw material with rather big particles. Proposed technology gives a very high yield of pyrolysis oil (up to 70% of biomass supplied to the reactor). Produced pyrolysis oil is expected to have lower content of water in comparison with other pyrolysis technologies. Proposed technology gives the opportunity to create both stationary and mobile pyrolysis units. Fast pyrolysis technology on the basis of ablative reactor of a new type practically does not pollute environment with products of cleaning-up.

Areas of Application

Pyrolysis unit can be applied in rural areas where biomass such as agricultural residues or wood waste is available to be used as raw material for bio-oil production.

Fig. 1 Layout of the pyrolysis unit with ablative reactor of screw type

Stage of Development

Technology is patented and is now on a conceptual stage. Draft design of a 15 kg/hr pilot unit is developed.

Contact Details

Dr. Zhelezna Tatyana
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics
Address: 2A, Zhelyabov street, 03057, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel./fax: (+380 44) 456 94 62;
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ;

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