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Home Environmental Solar arrays for portable electronic equipment: production technology

Solar arrays for portable electronic equipment: production technology


The increased number of complicated portable electronic equipment containing electrical accumulator batterys in last 5-10 years, tendency to widening of the equipment functions and reduction of dimensions, and also pressing need for mass application of ecologically pure renewable sources of energy – these are the necessary prerequisites for mass application of decentralized photovoltaic chargers.

Portable solar arrays are intended for professional and every day portable electronic equipment power supply (mobile and satellite phones, satellite navigation systems, portable computers, modern photo- and video- cameras, ecological monitoring equipment, audio equipment etc.) in autonomous conditions.

The principle of electrical energy generation by solar arrays is based on photovoltaic effect in semiconductor structures with p-n junction. The monocrystalline silicon as material for solar cells is used. It allows to ensure high efficiency of photoconversion and long service life. The hermetic sealing is carried out with the use of hot lamination in vacuum technology.

On Fig. 1 a vacuum laminator VL540/290 is presented which was developed and made in SDTB of V.Lashkaryov ISP of NAS of Ukraine and was used for experimental samples of solar arrays manufacturing.

On Fig. 2 an experimental sample of solar array for mobile phones SBMT-S-8.0-0.23 is presented, which can be used for other portable equipment as well.

Specifications of solar array SBMT-S-8.0-0.23

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The main innovative aspect is in applying the principle usually used for space equipment: in the transportation position solar array is in compactly packed condition and has minimal weight and dimensions parameters.

The design and technology guarantees its high resistance to negative climatic and transport factors, high reliability and considerable operation resource (up to 8 years and more).

Areas of Application

Portable solar arrays can be used in such areas as:

  • Communication
  • Computer equipment
  • Military equipment
  • Photo-, video- audio- equipment
  • Tourism and everyday life

As solar arrays are useful in any case when electric energy is needed but stationary electrical grid is absent, there can be other areas of application for them as well.

Vacuum laminator VL540/290.
Fig. 1 Vacuum laminator VL540/290.

Folding solar array for mobile phones SBMT-S-8.0-0.23
Fig. 2 Folding solar array for mobile phones SBMT-S-8.0-0.23
(experimental sample) and its case.

Stage of Development

Experimental samples have been made. Laboratory tests have been carried out. Laboratory technology has been developed which is based on the technological equipment made in SDTB of V.Lashkaryov ISP of NAS of Ukraine.

Contact Details

Principal Contact: Makarov Anatoliy.
Special Desing and Tecnological Bureau with Pilot Production of V. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Address: 4, Lysogirska str., Kyiv, Ukraine, 03028.
Ph./fax (38044) 525-1866.
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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