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Home Environmental Super-stable Low-Emission Flat-Flame Burners (LE FFB) for industrial furnaces

Super-stable Low-Emission Flat-Flame Burners (LE FFB) for industrial furnaces


The proposed burner facility concerns to development of the concept and designs of environmentally compatible burners of super stable combustion performance, each of them being available within wide temperature range for reheating and heat treatment furnaces. It’s assumed that the furnace operation ensures high power efficiency and minimum NOx emissions. The Flat Flame burners represent radiation type facilities. They are intended to provide the high intensive uniform heat input for the industrial furnaces of various purpose, beginning from those operating at low (750..1050 K) to high temperature (1550..1900 K) furnaces. The furnaces equipped with LE FFB provide technological, energetical and environmental advantages in combination.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • Burners of type LE FFB are appointed to ensure uniform pattern of the temperatures (non-uniformity makes ±5..10 K by surface) and heat fluxes (deviation no more than ±2…10%) by the blanks outer area.
  • Using of the burners for the furnaces firing ensures 20…30 % of fuel saving.
  • Burners of type LE FFB represent universal burner design from the standpoint of temperature range of the furnace operation (800…1900 K) by the conditions of simultaneous variation of the furnace thermal capacity and change of air excess factor.
  • Burners (LE FFB) ensure super-stable low-emission fuel combustion by wide range of the furnace temperature (500…1900 K) and combustion air preheating (till 600…800 K).
  • Each of the burner facilities ensure the furnace operation over the wide range of furnace temperatures thus providing the complicated operation conditions (usually for heat treatment furnaces).
  • Environmental advantages (concentration value of the main pollutants):
    • [NOx] - no more than 20…80 ppm (depending on air preheating (300…600 K) and the furnace temperature till 1773 K);
    • [CO] - no more than 10 ppm.

Areas of Application

The burners LE FFB are developed for implementation in the reheating, thermal and chemical-thermal treatment of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, as well as non-metallic materials: firing of ceramics, radio-ceramics, ferrites, metallic compounds, salts and oxides of metals, pyrolysis of the petroleum products; melting of glass and mineral glass wool.



Front (a) and side (b) views of the flame formed by operation of LE FFB

Stage of Development

The prototypes of the burner are tested at the firing test and by industrial conditions, available for demonstration and field tested. The previous version of this burners (series GPP)(FFB) have been patented in many countries, commercialized, and various standard sizes have been widely used in various braches of the industry.

Contact Details

Gas Institute, National Academy of Sciences of UKRAINE
Boris SOROKA, Principal Scientist, Dr. Sc. (Eng.), Professor
39 Degtyarivska St., 03113 Kiev, UKRAINE
TEL/FAX (38-044) 455-59-98
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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