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Home Environmental Technology for utilization worn-out tires with metal cord for alternative fuel generation

Technology for utilization worn-out tires with metal cord for alternative fuel generation


There has been suggested an ecologically friendly technology for worn-out tyres with metal cord utilization by pyrolysis in closed type reactors. Installation scheme is given in picture 1. Experts’ estimation shows that Ukraine has accumulated 1 million worn-out tyres. They are left not used and are often simply burnt thus polluting environment. When burning 1 t of worn-out tyres 270 kg of smut and 450 kg of toxic gases are brought into atmosphere.

The presented technology allows obtaining the following products:
- mazut – 45%,
- coke – 30%,
- burning gases – 15%,
- metal cord – 10%.

Here is technology description. Worn-out tyres with metal cord are fragmentized on hydraulic scissors and put into hermetic converter. In a special furnace converters are heated up to . The obtained pyrolized gas is purified in the spinner and condensed in heat exchanger. Non-condensed gas is partly used for furnace heating; the other part is put into container. The process is periodical.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • The developed technology is the simplest in comparison with existing know-hows and allows obtaining high quality alternative energy sources. Products features: pyrolized mazut conforms to mazut analog M100, pyrolized coke conforms to activated coke analog AG type.
  • the fixed technological process modes allow obtaining maximum liquid fraction output (up to 45%) as being the most valuable fuel.
  • absence of harmful emissions into atmosphere.
  • Due to lower pyrolysis temperature the equipment costs reduces.

Areas of Application

The developed technology and equipment could be used at municipal enterprises, motor-transport depot, private firms for the purpose of utilizing worn-out tyres and gaining profit. At tyre - producing and rubber products plants the technology can be used for refining production wastes.

Fig. 1 Installation scheme for worn-out tires utilization.:
1 – reactor, 2 – spinner, 3 – fridge, 4 – gas container,
5 – tank for mazut, 6 – coolant circulator

Stage of Development

There have been built an experimental installation for 500 kg raw material. Its operation has been tested. Technological process mode has been developed. Air tests in operational zone have been made. The tests prove that air emissions meet the standards. The installation can be scaled with no problem for refining 7 t of worn-out tyres per 24 hours.

It is planned to provide utilizing fee for owners of worn-out tyres in Kyiv.

Contact Details

Contact person: Kluys Volodymyr, PhD
Institute of Renewable Energy Institute at NAS of Ukraine
Address: Chervonogvardijska str., 20 a, kyiv, Ukraine, 02094
Tel/fax (+38044) 537-2657
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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