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Home Environmental The utilization of wastes of production PTFE wares

The utilization of wastes of production PTFE wares


Permanent expansion of industries of Teflon use and the increase of his production volumes results in the increase of amount of wastes, which are potential pollution of an environment.

The problem of utilization of Teflon's wastes is related to impossibility of incineration in ordinary terms from formation of toxic gases. The problem that Teflon is the unique type of heat-resistant plastic that is only one aggregate state: a solid polymer. At his heating, a solid polymer begins destruction at the temperature more +3270C, i.e. decomposition of solid material.

Specialists of the «Clean-Service» developed scheme of the use of PTFE as liquid additive to motor and transmission oil and systematized on ecological efficiency. Developer got small parts of PTFE suspended in laboratory terms, which was tested as an addition to motor oils and grease consistency.

Liquid concentrate PTFE was prepared and brought to oily system of internal combustion engines of tractors and cars, including imported. Receiving of additional nature protection effect in the future it is diminishment of consumption of motor oils and, as result, the decline of volumes of accumulation of wastes oils is other aspect. The increase of term of exploitation of motor oil to his replacement in 1,5-2 times is expected.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Temperature from oxidization of SAE 10W30 oils of the type TEXAKO or MOBIL that a carbon appears into inwardly an engine to 205°С is limited.

Work temperature of PTFE is 265°С at diminished coefficient of friction 0.015 …0,02.

The use of offered addition for machines oils allows getting following advantages, by comparison to the world product of the polymeric grease Concentrate PTFE “SLIDER” (England) who is analogue Concentrate PTFE “SLICK” (USA):

The main advantages of joining of the liquid PTFE with the friction surfaces were discovered:

  • The additive for machines oils is a concentrate type for self-lubricants, not catalyzes and does not change quality of machines oil, and which is a dry grease polymer layer on friction surfaces.
  • The use of offered additive for machines oils as additional component for all types of lubricants allows getting next effects:
    • Increase of engine power on 5 … 7%
    • Diminishment of noise of engines and mechanisms on 3 … 5 %
    • Decline of toxic working gases on 15 … 20 %

Areas of Application

New highly effective additive in self-lubricants as dry grease on friction surfaces is a special application domain:

  • Work of engine of military technique in the hot climatic terms and motion from a battlefield with the broken crank case.
  • Diminishment of noise of engines submarine.
  • Internal defence of internal combustion engines from influence of oxygen-containing additive for fuel and biofuel.
  • Exception of soot and corrosion in internal combustion engines and transmissions of machines and in the reducing gears of mechanisms.

Fig. 1 Products of PTFE for receiving of coatings
in the internal combustion engine

Fig. 2 Sample of new type
of liquid concentrate PTFE

Stage of Development

Products are tested in internal combustion engines and are standard in Ukraine: SUPERLINE TУ У 24.6-19435829-003:2008 – for all types of motor and transmission oil.

PCT Publication # WO 2009/090508 A2, July 23, 2009

Contact Details

Aleksey N. Klishyn
Director of ”Clean-Service”, Small Private Enterprise,
24/32, New st., Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovs’k reg, 51400, Ukraine
Tel / Fax:+ 3805632 34164
Mob. +38050 612-7736
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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