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Wave energy plant (WEP)


Patented WEP is a device for conversion energy of sea waves into mechanical energy of rotation. This rotation, being transferred onto electrical generator, gives electricity. Electrical power of one WEP unit depends on number of work rotors and average wave amplitude at the place. For example, 20 kW power can be provided by 2 rotors at 3-meter diameter or by 20 rotors at 1-meter of waves. So that, for uninterrupted power supply it is necessary to keep in mind average wave amplitude.

Work rotors of WEP are made from plastic and rubber, which is stable and non-corrosive in sea-water. Thus, WEP are able to work up to 5 years without rebuilding. When its service-life is over, WEP can be recycled into new WEP. Electrical generator and transmission are made in waterproof case. Consumer of electricity obtains electricity through under-water cable. Four concrete anchors hold WEP in place of installation.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  • cheapness of plastic-made device;
  • possibility to product WEP with objective power for any consumer;
  • comparing higher co-efficiency of WEP (20-25%);
  • ease of assembly and maintenance of WEP;
  • long service life without rebuilding.

Areas of Application

  • small enterprises in island and sea-shore countries which promote tourist business, create communicative infrastructure, introduce informatics and Internet technologies;
  • fishers’ settlements;
  • sea research stations;
  • lighthouses, navigation buoys and others.

Fig. 1 Prototype of high-efficiency sea wave electrical power supply complex

Fig. 2 Working device of High-efficiency sea wave electrical power
supply complex in USP University

Stage of Development

Few prototypes were tested in natural conditions including South Pacific (Fiji Islands). At present full-scale WEP is ready for test at Black Sea shore (Sevastopol Sea Hydro physics Institute).

Initiative group seek to find investor for patent process through the World and industrial production of WEP

Contact Details

Manager of WEP project – Madatov Artem
Contact data: phone+38 0562 476309,
Mobile phone +38 050 453-6899
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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