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Wind energy unit WEU-08


Wind energy unit WEU-08 is designed for small energy supply purposes. It uses aeromechanical system of wind turbine rotation frequency stabilization thus allowing its performance in wide wind speed range. Low-speed generator on permanent magnets is directly driven by the turbine. High lifetime period of the unit is ensured by the absence of multiplier and generator excitement system. When operating together with UPS the load supply up to 1.5 kW is ensured by stabilized sinusoidal voltage 220V/50Hz. It is possible to connect the unit to PV modules.

Basic parameters

  • Rated power - 800 W
  • Wind turbine diameter - 3.1 m
  • Starting wind speed - 2.5 m/s
  • Nominal wind speed - 8 m/s
  • Maximum operational wind speed - 50 m/s
  • Rated rotation frequency - 310 rpm
  • Breaking - feathering
  • Rotation control – interval change
  • Generator rated voltage - 24 V
  • Generator voltage – up to 60 V
  • Recommended mast height - 11..17 m

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The frequency is stabilized due to blades rotation over own axes (WEU interval change). The blades turn over their axes with the help of stabilizer located behind the blade and ensure reliable and efficient WEU performance under 2.5 to 55 m/s wind speed range (even with blast wind). It decreases load on all system components and increases electricity generation. The wind turbine operates with less noise than the similar turbine type with stalling control system.

Low-speed generators with permanent magnets excitation are implemented in all our wind units. Thus multipliers and electro-magnet excitation system are not needed. Wind turbine rotates the main generator shaft directly. It significantly improves system reliability and totally eliminates multiplier noise.

For our wind units we choose rated wind speed in the range of 7.5 – 9 m/s. This can be lower than in similar WEU of other producers.

As long as wind flow force is proportionate to cubed wind speed, the wind energy units with lowered rated wind speed generate much more energy than WEU with the same rated wind speed under same wind conditions.

Areas of Application

WEU can be used in remote places with no connection to power grid (tourist camps, farms, summer houses, stand alone supply complexes) as well as a reserve power source for cottages and private houses.

Fig. 1 Wind energy unit WEU-08

Graph 1 Power dependence on wind speed

Stage of Development

Development stage – small commercial production.

Contact Details

Yuriy Favorsky, Deputy director
Institute of Renewable energy at National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Address: 02094, Chervonogvardiyska str. 20 a, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel/fax: (+380 44)-537-26-57, 578-22-97
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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