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Home Environmental Electronic Octane Meter for Gasolines "ОК-2M"

Electronic Octane Meter for Gasolines "ОК-2M"


Octanometer ОК-2м has undergone state tests and been included in the State Register of measuring devices allowed for operation in Ukraine. №U1732-03. 23,04.2003.

The Operating Principle.

The operation of the device is based on measuring the parameters of the petrol cold-flame oxidation reaction. The analysis of these parameters allows the fuel octane number to be determined equivalent to the motor, research and temperature methods.

Why do we need it?

A challenging ecological situation has taken shape in many large cities of the world. The ever-increasing number of motor vehicles has resulted in 2 mln tons of automobile-exhaust pollutants released into the air every year, which amounts to 87% of exhausts from all pollution sources.

The amount of noxious substances released into the air by a motor engine depends, in the first place, on the quality of the motor fuel it uses. Checks on the quality of fuels sold by retail show that 18-20% of fuels fall short of the requirements of the State Standards.

Promotion of Octanometer OK-2m will essentially improve the ecological situation in large cities and enable the production of petrol blends to be automated.

The unit includes:

  1. The measuring block.
  2. The analytical block (PC&ADT).
  3. The Pneumatic block ( a pump, a regulator and a stabilizer).


Against other express analyzers available - The result is independent of petrol composition and additives used.

Against the arbitration unit CFR F2U:

  • One measurement takes 30 sec. (against 30 min).
  • One measurement takes 5 microgr.of fuel (against 0.5 kg.).
  • Can operate in an automatic mode.
  • Its weight is 10 kg. (against 1 ton).
  • No special accommodation is required (can be placed on a lab desk).
  • Its measuring capacity within 50 to 105 octane units accurate of 0.1 by the motor, research and temperature methods simultaneously.
  • Simple in operation.
  • Allows complete automation of the process of measuring petrol anti-кпоа value both in production and at every filling station.

Technology Opportunities

  • Spheres of Application. Oil refineries, environmental monitoring centers, petrol quality testing laboratories, research institutes and higher education institutions.
  • Research into anti-knock value characteristics in new kinds of fuels.
  • Automation of petrol blends production;
  • Prompt detection of counterfeited petrol in field conditions.

Electronic Octane Meter for Gasolines "ОК-2M"
Fig. 1 Electronic Octane Meter for Gasolines "ОК-2M"

Octane Meter "CFR F2U"
Fig. 2 Octane Meter "CFR F2U"

Contact Details

Kyselov Vladislav, Ph. D.
Organization: Institute of bioorganic chemistry and petrochemistry,  Technical Center “Plus Radio”
Address: 50, Kharkivsky Shosse. Kiev, 02160, Ukraine.
(38044) 5597011, mob : (38067)7980194.
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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