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Home Environmental Autonomous Power Plant For Work With Oxygen – Containing Liquid Additions And Hydrogen

Autonomous Power Plant For Work With Oxygen – Containing Liquid Additions And Hydrogen


The main drawback of hydrocarbon fuel types and gas derived fuel burning in ICE during operation of vehicles is high emission of harmful particles into environment, the main part of which consists of carbon oxide (СО), nitrogen oxide (NO, NO2, NOx), lead, sulfur oxide (SO2) and unburned hydrocarbons (CnHm). The amount of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (benzene, toluene, alkyl-benzene) in emissions is often 2-3 times higher than that allowed by maximum concentration limit (MCL). Besides, the relative danger of benzpilene and dioxin is million times higher in comparison with CO or 50 thousand times higher than that of nitrogen oxide. Another aspect of ICE system imperfection is tear and wear, which results in smut, lacquer buildup and increased smoke of exhausts.

The project of internal combustion engine (ICA) as a new principle generation of ХХI Century engines is developed in Ukraine. Ukrainian specialists of the «Clean-Service» developed scheme of the use of alternative fuel types with oxygen-containing liquid additions and hydrogen in autonomous power plant.

Financing of works in a volume a 700 thousand dollars during one year, by our estimations, for further development and issue of the working drawings of engine, concordances of drawings with making of three experimental standard engines is required. Three pre-production models of new standard engine will be made and tested after year.

On results the tests it is possible to do conclusions about perspective of the use of new engine and development of serial models. We suggest to create a joint venture on making of new engines with the following obligations of sides: The American side provides a 100% investing of the program and basic realization of products (to 80%).

Ukrainian side – provides work places, organizes making of products, and also has a right for realization of products in the limits of to 20%.

Distribution of profit:

  • American side – 51%,
  • Ukrainian side – 49%.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Clean-burn economical internal combustion engine with application of the hydroxyl solution as an fuel additive (up to 20% of the total volume), and the use of cheap waste products from liquid organically biomass have been presented.

Advantages of new engine are following:

  1. Ecologically clean exhaust without of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide gases, soot and free radicals after burn of hydrocarbon fuel.
  2. High degree of expansion of gases to 15, what determining of the size of gases capacity and equivalent to the degree of compression 15, while the veritable working degree of compression does not exceed 8,5, which fuel detonation is eliminated at.
  3. An engine can work on all hydrocarbon fuel types, natural gas, blend of gas with a fuel, including a diesel oil, hydrogen and oxygen-containing additions.
  4. General output-input ratio of engine can be over 55% during work on the complete and partial power. (Maximal output-input ratio of modern gasoline engines does not exceed 35%, and maximal output-input ratio of diesel does not exceed 45% and strongly depends on the size of power on the billow of engine, because general output-input ratio of modern engines slumps to 25 % at the partial power).
  5. The resource of new engine work is multiplied to 10 times.
  6. High output-input ratio of engine allows approximately to 2 times to decrease sizes and weight of the system of cooling with use of motor oil and heave up his temperature to 120oC, it is possible fully to give up engine radiator. (It is explained absence possibilities of radiators to those that mechanical output-input ratio of engine is ever-higher (96%-98%) and outward total surface of engine is enough for taking of the selected heat, but also a surface of pistons, cylinders and system of gases out within covered as a coating by the special warmly sheeting).
  7. An engine does not some special requirements on the terms of his making (to exactnesses of making of details, their treatment and assembling) as compared to ordinary ICA.

Areas of Application

An engine can find application in all areas of industrial and national economy of many countries.

Fig. 1 Sample of new engine type
for autonomous power plant

Fig. 2 New principal scheme of
crosshead-type mechanisms
for autonomous power plant

Stage of Development

Development is conducted to the level of assembling drafts on the experimental standards of engine. Work verifications of the project scheme for commercialization on done two engines are tested.

Contact Details

Aleksey N. Klishyn
Organization:  ”Clean-Service”, Small Private Enterprise
Address: 24/32, New st., Pavlograd, Dnipropetrovs’k reg, 51400, Ukraine
/ Fax:+ 3805632 34164
Mob. +38050 612-7736
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