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Autonomous Wind-Power Turbine With Autostabilization Of Power Generation


Parameters of electric power generated by autonomous wind turbines (voltage, frequency) fluctuate within a rather board range due to wind velocity fluctuations. Usually the generated power is being stabilized for practical application up to the standard values with deviations of ±5% in voltage and of ± 1 Hz in frequency. The devices used in this case (rectifiers, stabilizers, inverters, batteries) decrease reliability and increase cost of the system. At the same time there are numerous domestic consumers of electric power (pumps, heaters, evaporators, electric tools etc.) operating at much more broad deviations of power voltage and frequency – up to ± 20 % or more.

The Yuzhnoye State Design Office has elaborated an autonomous wind turbine with autostabilization of the power in both voltage and frequency up to a level acceptable for a broad circle of private consumers.

The turbine’s technical data are as follows:

  • nominal power: 10 kW;
  • nominal parameters of electric current:
    • voltage: 220 V;
    • frequency: 50 Hz;
  • fluctuations of voltage and frequency: ± 16 %;
  • electric generator: synchronous, with permanent magnets;
  • transmission: without step-up gear (direct drive);
  • method of primary stabilization: aerodynamic stabilizers on blades.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The novelty of proposed solution consists in auto regulation of electric power parameters within ± (16-20) % owing to a passive regulation of blades position under use of aero stabilizers. The voltage fluctuations at wind gusts can be addititionally damped by comparatively small, “buffer” battery (2…5 kW·h).

Application of the wind rotor’s auto stabilizing system allows also reduction of the wind loads onto the turbine structure (support tower, foundation, nacelle), weight reduction and increase of reliability. The simplification of the turbine design (exclusion of inverters and large batteries) leads to considerable cost reduction of the system (by 30…40) %.

The proposed technology allows connection of numerous three-phase electric power consumers (pumps, heaters, evaporators etc.) directly to the three-phase electric generator (without inverter).

Areas of Application

The autonomous wind turbine of proposed design with primary stabilization of electric power is intended for use by private consumers in rural and remote regions having power supply problems at sufficient wind potential. The turbines can be used in small enterprises for water pumping, water desalination, heating etc.

Fig. 1 General view of the wind turbine with aero-dynamic stabilizers

Stage of Development

A set of documentation is issued, an experimental specimen of the turbine (prototype) is manufactured with following demonstration field-tests. The technology has been patented and is situated in a state of preparation for a pilot specimen production.

Contact Details

Mykola Ushkin, Ph. D.
Organization: M.K. Yangel Yuzhnoye State Design Office
Address: 3, Krivorozhskaya, 49008 Dniepropetrovsk, Ukraine
+(380 56) 770 85-16, Fax: +38-056-770-01-25
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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