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Home Environmental Black Sea monitoring and forecasting - "MyOcean-2 Model"

Black Sea monitoring and forecasting - "MyOcean-2 Model"


The scientific and technical capacities implemented at the end of MyOcean were the starting point for MyOcean2.

MyOcean2 information includes hindcasts, now-casts and forecasts describing the physical state of the Black Sea and its primary ecosystem characteristics. MyOcean2 also contributes to climate research by providing time series of analysis parameters.

The first version of the BS MFC now casting and forecasting system is based on a new version of the circulation model which included the Mellor- Yamada turbulence closure; it provides a more accurate description of the exchange processes, especially within the upper mixed layer. A reanalysis of Black Sea stratification and circulation between 1971 and 2002 was carried out with this system.

Models to simulate bio-optical and ecological parameters of the marine environment were developed and incorporated into the operational system for V2, with the Black Sea biogeochemical model is calibrated against climatic data and independent space observations. Numerical simulations of the Black Sea ecosystem demonstrated the system’s ability to reproduce large-scale spatial features and react to mesoscale dynamics.

The Black Sea MFS has delivered regular and systematic information on the state of the Black Sea, based on a comprehensive catalogue of products to 49 users from 13 countries in 2012.

Once established, the European Center for Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting (ECOMG) will be in charge of the Ocean Monitoring and Forecasting component of the GMES Marine Core Service. To be fully operational by 2015, GMES will be in place by the end of MyOCean2 in 2014.

MyOcean2 services comply with the INSPIRE directive on data and interoperability standards. Access to MyOcean2 information is open and free of charge at point of use, for any kind of applications, including commercial use. Detailed information the systems and products are on My- Ocean web site:

Model - Climatic Temperature deviations (0C). Depth=50m.


Model - Climatic Temperature deviations (0C). Depth=50m


Difference between the model and the climatic temperatures on the 50m depth resulted
from analysis (a) and from 96 hour forecast (b).

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