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Home Environmental Combustion Of Straw Bales In Boiler With Retort-Grate Furnace

Combustion Of Straw Bales In Boiler With Retort-Grate Furnace


Straw is a renewable local fuel which can be used for energy production especially in rural areas.

The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics has developed an innovative technology for the combustion of straw bales. The technology is planned to be realized on a experimental boiler installation with the following parameters:

  • nominal capacity: 100 kW;
  • efficiency: 83%;
  • emission of CO and NOx: 250-300 ppm under excess air factor 1.4…1.5;
  • reduced emission of soot and low formation of fouling;
  • fuel: 0,36x0,5x1,0 m straw bales (20 kg) of up to 20% moisture content.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Innovation of developed technology lies in the combination of retort and “cigar” combustion mechanisms that results in controlled burning of bales. Besides retort has extended zone for complete burning of coke-ash rest on grate.

Areas of Application

Straw fired boilers of proposed design are intended for application in district heating systems of rural areas where there is enough potential of straw available for energy production. They can be also installed on agricultural enterprises and farms. Typical capacity of straw based heating boiler houses is 1-10 MW and farm boilers 100-1000 kW.

Fig. 1 General design of a straw fired boiler with retort-grate furnace.

Stage of Development

Technology is now on a conceptual stage. Draft design of a 100 kW experimental boiler is developed

Contact Details

Contact person: Dr. Geletukha Georgiy
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, NAS of Ukraine
Address: 2A, Zhelyabov street, 03057, Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel./fax: (+380-44) 456-9462
E-mail: geletukha@biomass

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