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Cold Start of Diesel Engines

Posistor heating elements and points
of local heating in a diesel engine

Diesel engine operation becomes more complicated during the cold winter months because of fuel thickening in the engine compartment. The performance of diesel engines are improved by introduction of a cheap heating system to avoid trouble starting in the cold weather. To helpthediesel operate reliably throughout thewinterand to increase fuel efficiency, the project proposes a new concept for heating elements to warm up the fuel before and inside engine compartment. These elements are made from the material with positive temperature coefficient of resistivity (PTCR), in particular, from specially developed semiconductor ВаТІОЗ, doped by rare-earth elements, which electrical resistance increases rapidly in a required temperature range.

Tires recycling by magnetic shock method

The method of separation is based upon the passing of current impulses in the wires of the metal cord of the tires. Power consumption for the separation process is about 0.01 kWh per 1 kg of tire weight. The main productivity limitation of technology and device is effectiveness of mechanical equipment as a part of industrial line.

Facility and Technology of Biogas Utilization


Facility for Biogas Utilization

Biogas (methane (СН4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) gaseous mixture) is fuel gaseous mixture with СН4 >50%. The use of biogas is an important task as it would solve ecological (limitation of biogas atmospheric emission) and economical (additional energy source) problems.

Cleaning, Disinfection and Sterilization of Instruments


Multi-functional low-temperature sterilizer.

Multi-functional low-temperature sterilizer. The proposed sterilizer makes it possible to clean, disinfect and sterilize the instruments and materials of various usage in water saturated with ozone of high concentrations simultaneously applying ultrasound. Cleaning by the ultrasound is based on the cavitation process, i.e. on formation of the smallest air bubbles due to the impact of the ultra-sonic wave. Cleaning of the treated surface is a result of explosion of such bubbles. Ozone of high concentration in water is required to perform efficient and full sterilization of the objects. It is usually achieved by means of water temperature reduction.

Combustion Of Straw Bales In Boiler With Retort-Grate Furnace

Straw is a renewable local fuel which can be used for energy production especially in rural areas. The Institute of Engineering Thermophysics has developed an innovative technology for the combustion of straw bales.

Multiple-junction photovoltaic converter (PhVC) and solar battery on its base




A small Canadian company is developing multiple-junction photovoltaic converter (PhVC) and solar battery on its base. Advantages of the PhVC include improved efficiency, reduced thickness and, therefore, lower cost. The company seeks industrial partners interested in future developments and research institute and company to develop and to test the PhVCs.

Water Purification by a Combined Action of Ozone and High-Energy Electron Beam

Glow discharge ozonizer OzWW 4/2

One of the possible alternatives to chemical disinfection is electron beam irradiation applied simultaneously with ozone.

Technology of Dust Vortex Separation from a Gas Flow

Overall view of laboratory dust-trapping plant

The use of the energy of coaxial vortex counter flows for the separation of dust particles from dust-laden flows and the development of efficient fine-dust-trapping plants on this basis.

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