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Mobile Reference-Class Voltage Transformer Etn-110

the transformer ETN-110

Mobile systems and laboratories for measurement of electric power quality, definition of electric energy losses, metrological certification of the systems of commercial account of the electric power in 110 kV networks, directly, in field.




Condenser’s capacity increases along with the increase of the effective electrode surface and the decrease of the nonconductor thickness.

Complex photovoltaic and heat module

Complex PVH module

Complex photovoltaic and heat module (PVH) is designed for simultaneous thermal and electrical power generation. The module consists of electrical and thermal parts located in hermetic frame which allow serial connecting of several modules in one block construction. Light capture effective area of the PVH – 0,6 m2.

Electromembrane technology and modular water desalination device

Electromembrane installation

Water Desalination Device is based on a combination of sorption and membrane technologies or ion exchange assisted electrodialysis.

Photovoltaic Cell



Photovoltaic Cell

  • Direct conversion of solar energy into electrical energy
  • Open circuit voltage 620-630 mV;
  • Short-circuit current density 34-38 mA/sm2;
  • The efficiency of conversion of 16,5-19%;
  • Dimensions, 125 x 125 mm;
  • Transparency capsule - 94-97% of the concentrated solar radiation.

Creating photovoltaic stations from solar batteries, established on the basis of the proposed photovoltaic cells.

Combustion of wood waste in the boiler with underfeed retort

General view of a 100 kW experimental boiler

World experience shows that 1 MWth wood fired boilers with furnaces equipped with underfeed retorts are widely applied.

Desalination and water treatment clathrates technology

Pilot unit for desalination and water treatment

World needs for fresh water grow. In the market energy-saving, universal and inexpensive desalination technologies are necessary. In the world 26 countries feel deficiency of fresh water, in 13 countries it is very actual.

Environmentally friendly gasification of municipal solid wastes

Layout of a 50 kW twin fluid bed gasifier

Environmentally friendly gasification technology for processing of municipal solid waste (MSW) is proposed. The technology allows to treat MSW effectively and to obtain medium-calorific producer gas with minimal negative impact upon environment.

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