Technologies available for licensing, investment, joint ventures and R&D contracts in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan

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Express analyzer of the main environmental safety parameters of transportation fuels

A challenging ecological situation has taken shape in many large cities of the world. The ever-increasing number of motor vehicles has resulted in 2 mln tons of automobile-exhaust pollutants released into the air every year, which amounts to 87% of exhausts from all pollution sources.

Heat complex on geothermal wells

There have been developed and set up several heat units on geothermal wells (Medvedivka vill., Yantarne vill., Crimean AR, etc.).

Heat pipes capillary structures for solar receivers

Concentrating solar power plants produce electric power by converting the sun's energy into high-temperature heat using various mirror configurations.

Electrochemical technology of hydrogen generation

High pressure electrolyser

Podgorny Institute of Mechanical Engineering Problems of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has developed a new technology for electrochemical generation of hydrogen and oxygen

GaAs solar batteries on honeycarbonfiber bases

Our institute has sufficient practical experience in development and manufacture of solar batteries of space application.

Heat exchange surfaces with improved thermal-hydraulic characteristics for microturbine and other applications

Heat exchanger core

The novel heat exchange surfaces have been developed based on application of the surface vortex structures.

High pressure hydrogen electrolyzer for auto and industrial applications

Offered electrolyzer design employs a new method of separating the processes of gas (hydrogen and oxygen) liberation in time.

High–temperature tube recuperator of enhanced thermal resistance

The external views of high-temperature tubular recuperator

Heat recovery process by operation of fuel furnaces makes the ground of power efficiency increase. The last time trend is to increase temperature of combustion air (oxidant) at steel reheating furnaces till 600°C.

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