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Internal combustion engine with new kinematic scheme (Sakharnov engine)

SAPE structure

Sakharnov axial-piston engine (SAPE) with a new kinematic scheme for conversion of reciprocal movement of pistons into rotational movement of a main shaft was developed and proposed by a leading designer of the E.O.Paton Electric Welding Institute.

Millimeter wave dielectrometer for determination of electrical characteristics of liquids

Milimeter wave dielectrometer

The dielectrometer bases on a high Q-factor dielectric resonator (DR). The resonator as semi disk is included in a return circuit of the mm wave Gunn diode that provides high-sensitivity autodyne mode of realization of measurements.

Multifuel sources vehicle based on electro, gas and photovoltaic consumption

Prototype of passenger multi-fuel sources vehicles

Among existing transportation means automobiles and cars are given the most interest as over 70% atmosphere pollution is being the result of cars using liquid fuel.

Non-polluting cryogenic (pneumatic) automobile

Now there is great necessity in renewable energy sources and in energy-conservative technologies. It is important also, that these sources and technologies were ecologically friendly too. We developed an experimental sample of the mechanical engine that meet above mentioned requirements. In installation as a working medium it is used the liquid nitrogen, which are storied in liquid state in the heat insulated tank and can be supplied into an air heat exchanger, where it is gasified and heated by a heat of an environment.

Light-weight welded cylinders for motor transport

Pollution of the environment with toxic fuel combustion products constitutes 70% of the total pollution in large cities.

Mobile health complex

Mobile health complex

Mobile health complex (MHC) is designed for supplying hat water into standalone (independent) temporary located units/complexes or ones located in the zones without hot water supply systems or sewerage.

Multifunctional gas analytical complex for automatically control and optimization of burning process



Technological complex TK1

Technological complex TK-1 - the newest development for control of the burning processes, increase of ecology safety and reduction of emissions.

Novel “energetic” materials & laboratory equipment for portable batteries assembling

Electrochemical methods of energy storage and conversion are of great interest for many practical applications.

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