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Oxygen – containing additive as an ecologically beneficial component of internal combustion engine fuel

New type of coatings on the combustion engine pistons

The most pollution agent of the environment in the cities is the motor vehicle transport, equipped with the internal combustion engines.

Photovoltaic electricity source

There has been suggested an ecologically friendly AC electricity source which works for the account of transforming electrical magnet solar radiation and could be used in standalone mode.

Renewable power potential in the Ukraine regions

Investment projects efficiency in renewable power depends on forecasting electricity generation of any renewable energy source on a specific territory. Renewable and non-traditional energy sources the Energy Atlas was made up for regions of Ukraine.

Solar arrays for portable electronic equipment: production technology

Folding solar array for mobile phones SBMT-S-8.0-0.23

The increased number of complicated portable electronic equipment containing electrical accumulator batterys in last 5-10 years, tendency to widening of the equipment functions and reduction of dimensions, and also pressing need for mass application of ecologically pure renewable sources of energy – these are the necessary prerequisites for mass application of decentralized photovoltaic chargers.

Photoactive Porous Films for Environmental Cleansing

Effective redox photo catalysts based on silica - and titanium-composed nano sized transparent stable films easily prepared via low-temperature sol-gel route.

Production of pyrolysis oil from biomass

Fast pyrolysis of biomass is widely used for bio-oil (pyrolysis oil) production. Bio-oil can be applied as a fuel in boilers, diesel engines and gas turbines.

Software for long-term electricity generation forecasting

One of the main factors of investment efficiency of wind farms construction projects is wind potential.

Stress-strain analysis of diesel engines on the basis of finite elements method and holographic interferometry

Hardware-software system for stress and strain analysis in objects with complicated geometries

A new technology for stress and strain analysis in complicated and extra complicated mechanical systems, such as diesel engines, is proposed on the basis of the finite elements method and holographic interferometry.

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