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Super-stable Low-Emission Flat-Flame Burners (LE FFB) for industrial furnaces

The proposed burner facility concerns to development of the concept and designs of environmentally compatible burners of super stable combustion performance, each of them being available within wide temperature range for reheating and heat treatment furnaces.

Technology and industrial facilities intended for utilization of various sorts of solid organic waste

Industrial facilities intended for utilization of: worn-out / used aircraft and automobile tires, technical rubber products, toxic waste materials and other waste materials.

Vehicle-borne H2-producing rechargeable feeder for hydrogen-propulsion automobile

New environment friendly transport Hydrogen Feeder (HF) which spends water and electricity only are proposed.

Direct-flow micro hydro on high-coercive magnets

This power plant is an autonomous environment-friendly energy source that does not require constant presence of maintenance personnel.

Technology for utilization worn-out tires with metal cord for alternative fuel generation

The developed technology is the simplest in comparison with existing know-hows and allows obtaining high quality alternative energy sources. Products features: pyrolized mazut conforms to mazut analog M100, pyrolized coke conforms to activated coke analog AG type.

The utilization of wastes of production PTFE wares

Permanent expansion of industries of Teflon use and the increase of his production volumes results in the increase of amount of wastes, which are potential pollution of an environment.

Wave energy plant (WEP)

Patented WEP is a device for conversion energy of sea waves into mechanical energy of rotation. This rotation, being transferred onto electrical generator, gives electricity. Electrical power of one WEP unit depends on number of work rotors and average wave amplitude at the place.

Flexible CDTE solar cells

High specific power is an important parameter for space solar cells. One approach to maximize the specific power is to substitute glass substrate with flexible thin substrate, such as polymer foils.

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