Technologies available for licensing, investment, joint ventures and R&D contracts in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Uzbekistan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some FAQs.  If you do not find the answers to your questions please submit your own question.

What is
  • promotes research and development at universities and institutes to further scientific knowledge, promote economic growth and to improve quality of life.
  • contains Institute Profile Forms (IPF) and Technology Profile Forms (TPF) of some technical universities and scientific institutes in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.
  • The engineers and scientists from each of the institutes and universities may be interested in providing consulting and licensing services for your company or working on specific R&D solutions for your company under a contractual arrangement.
  • If you are interested in such cooperation and collaboration please provide feedback to us or contact the individuals directly. You will be pleased with the results you receive from developing such working relationships with the engineers and scientists shown.
  • The information in this website is prepared as a starting point to learn about universities, institutes and the scientific expertise and technology developments. Interested parties should contact the inventors and the institutes directly for collaboration and partnering opportunities.
  • The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) has developed this website as a reference guide for universities, scientific institutes and technology opportunities in the five countries that STCU works in, namely, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
Can the scientists work as consultants?

Yes they can, and they often do.

How can I work with the scientists represented?
  • You can contact them directly or STCU can help you connect with them.
  • Afterwards, if you come up with a project scheme (SOW, tasks, budget, schedule and deliverables) you can perform the project through STCU or directly with the institute.
How can I meet the scientists or engineers?
  • You can send us an e-mail telling us the types of scientists you would like to meet with.
  • You can also contact them directly.
Will the scientists or engineers sign a non-disclosure agreement with my company?


Can the scientists or engineers travel to my company to provide advice or technical assistance?

Yes they can.  They will require travel funding and a visa.

How long does it take for them to obtain a visa to travel to the US or elsewhere?

That depends on each country, usually less than a month.

How can I get in touch with the scientists?
  • You can send us an e-mail telling us the types of scientists you would like to meet with.
  • You can also contact them directly.
The address shown in the technology profile bounces back, who should I contact?

You can send us an e-mail telling us the types of scientists you would like to meet with.

Are the technologies available for licensing?

Yes.  They are also available for production locally or through Joint Ventures for sale locally or internationally.

If my company has a technical problem that needs a solution who can find an institute that can possibly develop solutions?

STCU has considerable expertise working in Ukraine and the other CIS countries, and our specialists can put you in contact with appropriate scientists and engineers.

At what stage of development are the technologies?

Each Technology Profile describes the stage of development.  They have done proof of concept experiments, and often prototypes are available for testing.

Are there prototypes available for testing?

Yes. You can send us an e-mail or contact them directly.

What are the costs for the different technologies?

Costs are decided and negotiated by the scientists or institutes that have developed the technologies.

How can prototypes be sent out of their countries?
  • There are export procedures in each country.
  • If there is an existing project with STCU then it can be easier to send prototypes.
What is STCU?
  • STCU is a intergovernmental organization whose mission is the non-proliferation of knowledge and expertise in weapons of mass destruction. STCU is headquartered in Ukraine and works in 5 countries, namely, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. We support the scientists of the Former Soviet Union in their transition from building weaponry to redirecting their scientific skills to peaceful research in the civilian, government and private sectors. STCU encourages their participation, interaction and collaboration with western scientific and business communities. There have been many scientific and engineering projects which were sponsored with the financial support of STCU’s Governing Parties from the US, EU and Canada, and private and public Partners from these countries.  For details see STCU’s website for Partner participation
  • For more information about STCU’s activities please visit our website at STCU is an established, western style organization having over 14 years of operational experience. STCU helps you search and set up tailored development projects.
  • The STCU project related activities are supported and augmented by other initiatives: Training Programs, Patent and Licensing Support, Sustainability Promotion, Travel Grant Program, Targeted R&D Initiative, and others.
How can STCU help my company?
  • STCU lowers the risks of working within the countries of the former Soviet Union.
  • STCU can help you find the appropriate technology development of the scientific and engineering expertise in the technical area you are interested in.
What benefits are there for my company by working a project through STCU?
  1. Key benefits of working with STCU are moderate R&D costs, project monitoring and customs clearance assistance provided.
  2. STCU’s expertise and procedures mitigate the risks of working in these countries.
  3. All financial transactions are transparent and regularly audited.
What size projects can be started through STCU?

STCU has projects that we have managed that have ranged from approx. $50,000 USD up to a $1 million USD, and more.  These projects can run for half a year, 1 year or multiple years.  STCU has projects that have run for many years with updates.

Who owns the IPR rights that are developed under a project that I sponsor and finance?
  • STCU encourages for the company and the institute to negotiate the IPR rights.  STCU does not enter into any IPR agreements, nor does STCU benefit from any royalties or licensing fees that may be paid.
  • Often there is pre-project IP that the institute may have developed earlier that may be necessary for carrying out the sponsored project, the STCU encourages the company and the institute to license the technology from the institute.
What is the cost of working projects through STCU?

STCU charges 10% fee for the cost of the project from each Partner.

Can I terminate an STCU project if business conditions change or there is not enough financing?

Yes.  Business conditions can change and projects can de delayed, speeded up, or cancelled.

How can I get started in working with STCU?

By becoming a Partner of STCU.  The procedure is straightforward, see STCU’s website (   ) and send us your Partner Request letter.  Generally, the procedure takes 2-3 months for approval.  Once Partner status is gotten then projects can be started.  We recommend that project plans be developed in parallel with the Partner Request process in order to save time.

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