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Home Georgian Technologies Low Cost and Competitive Technology of Laccase Production in Laboratory Fermentor

Low Cost and Competitive Technology of Laccase Production in Laboratory Fermentor


The technology is based on the utilization of the potential of selected white-rot fungus to produce tremendous laccase activity in specific cultivation conditions. Very simple nutrient medium contains as a main growth substrate food industry lignocellulosic waste, as well as two enzyme synthesis inducers at appropriate concentration. The inoculum (1 l) is prepared in 2 l flasks containing 350-500 ml synthetic medium, biomass is homogenized and inoculated in fermentor containing 10 l of appropriate nutrient medium. During submerged fermentation in fermentor cultivation conditions (rate of medium agitation, aeration, pH level, and specific compounds supplementation) are created to provide a directed synthesis of target enzyme. After fungi cultivation biomass is separated by filtration or centrifugation, clear supernatants is used as the source of laccase.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  1. New fast growing strain of basidiomycete completing the submerged fermentation in developed conditions during 5-6 days, which is 2-3-fold shorter comparing with other fungi known from the scientific literature.
  2. Optimized comparatively simple and low cost nutrient medium.
  3. Tremendous laccase (up to 600 IU/ml) and Mn-peroxidase (up to 20 IU/ml) activity. The most known from scientific literature strains produce at least 2-100-fold less enzyme activity. The developed different cultures’ conditions permit to direct the biosynthetic activity of fungus on the production of the complex of hydrolytic and oxidative enzymes or on the predominant production of only aiming enzyme to facilitate its purification.
  4. Agra-industrial wastes are used as growth substrate.
  5. Low cost of laccase preparation as compared with other enzyme producers, including Novozymes and Genencor.
  6. All enzymes are extracellular that facilitates their isolation from culture liquid.
  7. The developed enzyme isolation and purification scheme is comparatively simple and inexpensive.
  8. The isolated enzyme distinguishes by comparatively high (thermo)stability and specific activity, that provides obvious technological advantages.

Fig. 1 The profile of laccase production shows significant and
rapid accumulation of enzyme in logarithmic growth phase with
peak activity on day 6-7 of submerged fermentation.

Areas of Application

  • Delignification and biobleaching of pulp;
  • Bioremediation of industrial wastewaters and soils contaminated with explosives and xenobiotics, such as chlorophenols, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons;
  • Degradation of dyes from textile and dyestuff industries;
  • Detoxification of lignocellulose hydrolysates for ethanol production;
  • Improving the digestibility and nutritive value of animal feeds;
  • Bioconversion of lignin into useful organic compounds;
  • Enzymatic removal of phenolic compounds in beverages and olive mill wastes;
  • Construction of biosensors.

Stage of Development

The laboratory scale technology is developed and ready for implementation and commercialization. One of the Spain companies expressed an interest to manufacture laccase to treat olive mill wastes. However, the enzyme preparation should be purified and physical-chemical, catalytic properties should be elucidated.

Contact Details

Durmishidze Institute of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Contact person: Prof. V. Elisashvili
Address: David Agmasheneblis kheivani, 10 km. 0159 Tbilisi, Georgia.
Tel.: (+995 32) 52 8129
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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