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Home Georgian Technologies Method of Radiation – Chemical Sterilization for Preparation of Bacterial Fertilizers

Method of Radiation – Chemical Sterilization for Preparation of Bacterial Fertilizers


It is well-known that large amounts of nitrogen are removed from a soil after harvesting. Compensation of these losses has not gone at the expense of mineral fertilizers. Nitrogen deficiency may be compensated biologically by its fixing from atmosphere by soil microorganisms – nodule bacteria, which are settled at the roots of legumes.

Within recent years soil nitrogen, so-called gamma – nitragin, in which a peat is a filler and nutrient medium for nodule bacteria, is widely used. Transfer to the peat substrates permits to increase a titter of nodule bacteria in the preparation by a factor of 10 and more.

It has been established that using of bacterial fertilizers gives a significant increase of productivity of crops for such important plants as soy-bean, lupine and alfalfa (by mass up to 22%, by green mass up to 100%).

It should be noted that in specific cases a 200 gr. of gamma – nitragine (one hectare dose) replaces a 60kg of mineral nitrogen. Among various methods of materials’ sterilization the prominent place is occupied by radiation method, which provides a high degree of bactericidity.

Gamma – radiation of radioactive isotopes or accelerated electrons may be used as a sterilizing factor. An effect of the both types of radiation on compounds and biological objects is identical.

Nitragine, prepared from radiation – sterilized peat, so – called gamma – rhizobium is of a very high quality. Titers of gamma - rhizobium at slow – growing bacteria comprises to 8 billion/gr. Rhisobium storage time is six months. One hectare dose is 200 gr.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Main innovation of proposed method involves incorporation of gamma -radiation plant or electron accelerator into a technological line for producing of bacterial peaty preparation and elaboration of agro technology for producing of ecologically pure fertilizers on the basis of peaty and mixed microorganisms.

Areas of Application

Bacterial fertilizers, prepared by mentioned technology, may be widely used in Georgian agriculture for increase of productivity of various local crops, in particular, maize, soy-bean, climbing bean, etc.

Fig. 1 Linear accelerator ELA – 4

Stage of Development

Preliminary investigations were carried out for peat sterilization by means of high energy radiation. Regimes of peat preparation before irradiation and optimal doses of irradiation were determined.

Approximate cost for beginning and execution of planned operations comprises 75000 US dollars.

Contact Details

R.Agladze Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry
11 Mindeli str. 0186Tbilisi, Georgia
Contact person: Rimzet Tushurashvili
Tel/Fax.: (+995 32) 30 1830; 30 1830
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