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Home Georgian Technologies The Electrochemical Generator of Iydrogen Peroxide and Its Compounds

The Electrochemical Generator of Iydrogen Peroxide and Its Compounds


The novel energy-saving process of hydrogen peroxide electrogeneration by means of oxygen (air) electroreduction at gas-diffusion cathodes in the original filter-press type electrochemical reactor, divided by cathion-exchange membrane has been developed. The 2% H2O2 solutions are electrogenerated with 90-100% current efficiency and 5 - 7.5 W h kg- 1H2O2 specific energy consumption which is much more profitable and convenient for consumers in comparison with the commercially available product.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

Hydrogen peroxide is produced worldwide by means of the chemical, so called “anthraquinone” method at the huge plants with hydrogen production for feedback which are located at several sites. That results in costly transportation and difficulties of storage and handling of hazardous concentrated (30-70%) solutions for remote consumers usually utilizing for their requirements dilute (1-3%) solutions of H2O2 or its compounds: sodium perborate NaBO3•4H2O, percarbonate 2Na2CO3*3H2O2 as well as hydroxyl radicals OH* formed due to interaction of H2O2 with ozone, UV or ferrous salts.

The compact and easy in operation electrochemical cells for the on-site electrogeneration of 25 g h-1 H2O2 and for sodium perborate production as well as for treatment of the wastewater from the bio-refractory organic compounds (phenols, 4- chlorophenol, aniline, etc) by means of the Electro-Fenton process had been tested advantageously and results were published (see J. Applied Electrochemistry, 37, 2007, 375- 383; 385-393; 985-990).

Areas of Application

It can be used: in medicine, household, wastewater treatment, in textile and pulp and paper industry as an oxidizer, disinfectant, antiseptic and bleaching agent.

Fig. 1 The electrochemical generator of H2O2.

Stage of Development

The authors are interested in contacts with investors for financing of the large-scale cell (5- 25 kg H2O2 per day) design as well as in development of the fuel cell system with the simultaneous co-generation of power and hydrogen peroxide based on results of the existing lab-scale fuel-cell (the principle of such type fuel cell is described by authors in the Georgian patent application, id. # 10349/01 from 2007.11.16 and of the original method of sodium perborate production (Georgian patent application, id. #10498/01 from 2008.02.07).

Contact Details

R.Agladze Institute of Inorganic Chemistry and Electrochemistry
11 Mindeli str. 0186 Tbilisi, Georgia
Contact person: Prof. Giorgi Agladze
Tel.: (+995 32) 54 1553
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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