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Laser Canceroscope


According to the World Health Organization of Public services (WHO), nowadays there are about 25 million sick of cancer in the world and every year 6.7 million people die of the disease. This circumstance, along with already existing technologies of diagnostics and treatment, demands the creation of more modern methods. In this connection the special attention is given to the creation of new technology of early and effective diagnostics primarily focused on the patient. Demand for such technologies is very high all over the world. In 2004 only the European Union has allocated for these purposes about 95 million euro.

Traditional methods of diagnostics available in modern medicine, as a rule, face serious problems, basically such as speed, accuracy and subjectivity of statement of the diagnosis. The conventional methods of diagnostics are based on visual detection of doubtful sites. Then follows invasive biopsy, long and multistage processing of the biopsy material and the exhausting subjective study under a microscope. Regarding the diagnosis statement, it is connected with serious injury of a tissue and big expenses of material, human and time resources.

The group offering the project “Laser Сanceroscope” unites the qualified scientific physicists, biochemists, expert information technologies and oncologists and also managers who are presented as Ltd “Laser Technologies in Biology and Medicine” (Ltd "LTBM").

This group throughout several years conducts fruitful research on identification various pathologies, including neoplasm by the method of laser induced fluorescence - LIF. The offered technology gives the good opportunity for diagnostics of different pathologies of tissue, including malignant tumors. It is based on registration and the analysis of the LIF spectra, which arise by noninvasive interaction of nanosecond laser radiation with a tissue. By means of this device instant definition of pathology of a tissue, and also control of neoplastic area in the real-time mode during surgical intervention is provided. That in turn raises efficiency of operation and the postoperational period.

The noninvasive effect is reached by selection of corresponding parameters of pulses of laser radiation.

Parameters of the offered device:

  • Qualified personnel –––––––––––––– 1 specialist;
  • Dimensions and weight –––––––––– V=0.2 m3 and m=10kg;
  • Used excitation –––––––––––––––– N2 laser (337nm);
  • Time for the analysis –––––––––––– some seconds;
  • Power consumption ––––––––––––– no more 1kW;
  • Supply voltage ––––––––––––––––– 220±20V.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The main innovative decision of offered technology is based on special technique of reception and processing of spectroscopic information (know-how).

Thus, by means of this device we have qualitatively new, powerful tool for wide area surveillance, noninvasive and realtime medical diagnostics.

We note that the similar serial device has not been made yet. The offered technology has following advantages over traditional methods of diagnostics:

  • Minimum requirement for personnel;
  • Noninvasive probing;
  • Objectivity;
  • Speed of the analysis - some seconds;
  • Possibility of use in real-time regime during the surgical treatment;
  • Possibility of wide area surveillance;
  • Cheapness of diagnostic procedure.

Areas of Application

The most perspective segments of the market are the segments connected with public health services and science - namely, neoplastic diagnostics both at a stage of medical treatment and in preventive medicine. Presented technology also can be used for fundamental and applied researches in the biology, medicine, pharmacology, etc.

Fig. 1 The diagram of a Laser Canceroscope.
The device consists of two
parts: laser block, registration block
with data acquisition and processing.

Stage of Development

The laboratory model of the given device passes 3 years test in Institute of Cybernetics with the assistance of the National Cancer Center of Georgia.

Contact Details

Ltd “Laser Technologies in Biology and Medicine”
Contact person: Z. V. Jaliashvili
Address: 5, Sandro Euli Str. 0186 Tbilisi Georgia
Tel: (+995 32) 99 5358
Fax: (+995 32) 30 5931
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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