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The Hydrocarbon Material Refinement


The problem of environment pollution by means of the combustion materials of the hydrocarbon oil is mainly solved by applying the traditional methods and equipments for the toxic emission reduction in exhaust. These equipments are based either on usage of special gasoline additives, or on neutralizing toxic emissions by means of exhaust gas transmission through the corresponding equipment. These equipments, as a rule, are joined to the suppression muffler, thus reducing the engine power. In most cases, the refinement of the exhaust is performed by means of the expensive catalysts, containing platinum, palladium or their alloys. Expensiveness (USD500 on average), complex construction, high temperature and extra consumption of the fuel make these equipments less efficient. In view of the aforesaid, the problem of the exhaust refinement is still considered relevant. We have elaborated a new method of getting ecological hydrocarbon fuel.

In the production cycle of  “crude oil – preprocessing of oil – fuel refinement – engine – environment” proposed equipment can be efficiently used in the course of oil preprocessing as well as in the process of oil refinement:

  • directly for the internal combustion engines;
  • working process is considerably simplified and costs is reduced for obtaining the high-quality gasoline in oil-refinery and chemical industry.

We created laboratory setup that is functioning in two modes of operation:

  • dynamic mode (so-called closed system);
  • static mode (so-called open system).

Closed system works according to the following pattern: gasoline tank – equipment – engine

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

  1. Quality of the treated gasoline complies with all requirements of GOST (All Union State Standards).
  2. Engine was tested on computer after running 1000 km (treated and untreated gasoline) according to three factors. There were no changes observed.
  3. Comparing octane level of Euro-Regular gasoline (81, 9 and 82, 5 for treated gasoline) with Premium gasoline (92, 9 and 93, 4 for treated gasoline) showed that the value is practically unchanged; there is even a tendency of its increase.
  4. Exhaust: content of carbon monoxide CO decreases 5 times, carbon deposit decreases 10 times.
  5. Running indicators using treated gasoline Euro-Regular give us total fuel economy of ~7% (open system) and ~20% (closed system).
  6. Fuel quality is maintained at least for 50 days.

Areas of Application

Production of ecologically clean petrol.

Fig. 1. The laboratory setups

Stage of Development

The technology is laboratory tested and covered by patent of Georgia.

Contact Details

Dr. Alexander Kiladze
Organization: Andronikashvili Institute of Physics
Address: 6, Tamarashvili St. 0177 Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995 99) 50 9301, Fax: (+995 32) 39 1494
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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