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New Method of High Voltage Pulse Generation


The proposed technology is the high-voltage pulse generator of high power (voltage amplitude and power can be chosen depending on physical task). There is a fundamental difference between the proposed and existing methods. In this technology, the pulse is generated during the change of the polarity of one of two discharge capacitors. Besides, this process is carried out by separate control circuit. The system contains only five elements (two capacitors connected in parallel, charge resistor, nonlinear element and commutator).

The results of measurement show that the voltage pulses are quite suitable for the breakdown of gases of atmosphere pressure, for generation of low-temperature plasma and arc discharge.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The technology of generation of high-voltage pulses is proposed, the main advantage of which over the traditionally existing ones (capacitor discharge, Marx generator) is that in the primary discharge chain there is not a switching nonlinear element. The voltage pulse is generated at changing the polarity of coupling capacitor, at its discharging in control circuit.

Areas of Application

The proposed technology can be used for excitation of different laser media (gas lasers). This technology is especially efficient for generation of high-temperature plasma, as the absence of switching nonlinear element in discharge chain of high power can significantly increase the power put into useful loading, and can make the whole discharge process easier for analysis.

Fig. 1 Laser Discharge Plasma

Stage of Development

Development stage, tested under laboratory conditions and in the final stage of patenting. The pilot prototype is available.

Contact Details

Andronikashvili Institute of Physics
Address: 6, Tamarashvili St. 0177 Tbilisi, Georgia
Contact person: Dr. Victor Chichinadze
Tel: (+995 32) 39 8783
Fax: (+995 32) 39 1494

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