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Home Georgian Technologies A Doser for Liquid Narcotic Medicinal Preparations

A Doser for Liquid Narcotic Medicinal Preparations


The problem of drug addiction is known well. In many countries including the countries of post soviet space, the Government programs have been adopted for struggling against this evil. These programs are multi-planned and one of the most important trends is to help the patients. It includes the treatment of drug addict patients by the method of substitution therapy, when the patient – drug addict - gets the liquid narcotic preparation (e.g. Metadone), which removes the abstinence syndrome not causing the euphoria. With such a treatment, the patient can be taken out of drug dependence.

It is obvious that this specific liquid requires a special recordkeeping and control. Therefore, the definite requirements are imposed for dosers of liquid narcotics, especially a full control of the consumption of preparation.

The existing dosers cannot provide a full control and besides, are extremely expensive and therefore, it is difficult for the developing countries to acquire them. The doser proposed by us is free of such disadvantages and is much cheaper, as compared to the existing dosers.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

In contrast to the existing dosers, our device does not contain a pumping or pneumatic system, therefore, its design is extremely simple and reliable, it provides a full control of the delivery of liquid, and information storage. “Quality – price” index of the device is significantly higher, as compared to the foreign analogs.

Areas of Application

The doser is designed for bottling of liquid medicinal narcotic preparations, used at the treatment of narcotic-dependent patients by the method of substitution therapy. The doser can be used as well for dosing of any low-viscous liquids requiring a high accuracy of dosage and a full control.

Fig. 1 Doser in Laboratory.

Stage of Development

On order of the Ministry of Health of Georgia pilot model is developed and undergoes the clinical testing.

Contact Details

Andronikashvili Institute of Physics
Contact person: D.G.Driaev
Address: 6, Tamarashvili St. 0177 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel.: (+995 93) 17 1966
Fax: (+995 32) 39 1494
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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