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Cryogenic Vacuum Systems, Technologies and Equipment


The modern stage of vacuum engineering is characterized by important features of increase requirement to getting and conservation of vacuum. For creation high and ultrahigh oilless pumping means with a long work resource and small consumption of coolant it is necessary to solve thermophysical and other tasinvestigation of constructional materials, modernization of surface technology of cryostructural materials, choice the ways of decreasing of heat input and elaboration of pumping means construction.

The successful approach to the given tasks in SPTI has led to the development and manufacturing of the following equipment.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

High-efficiency Complex of Cryo-vacuum pumping System (CVPS) is intended for pumping a plenty of a gas mixture with a stream up to 1.2Makh at the temperature of 600K. For example: chemical laser COIL, imitating and other devices; super-vacuum priming cryo-condensing-sorption pumps cooled by liquid helium. A range of their working pressure is from 10-3 up to 10-8 Pa. Three various modifications have been developed and manufactured with the pumping speed from 5.0 up to 10.0 m3/sec.

One priming of liquid helium into the cryo-pump is enough for its continuous work from 2 to 4 months.

There are no needs in the energy carrier and cooling water for cryogenic pumps during working process. They can work uninterruptedly of the “mono stable” mode.

Complete absence of noise and vibration makes a comfortable condition for servicing personnel.

Areas of Application

High-vacuum sorption pumps cooled by liquid nitrogen: A range of working pressure is from 760 up 10-1 Pa, or from 1 up to 5*10-5 Pa. Pumps are most effectively used in continuous, stand-by regimes, as they have a very low vaporability of liquid nitrogen. One priming of it into the pump is enough for 3 (three) days of continuous work.

5 (five) modifications of such pumps have been developed with the pumping speed from 0.1 up to 8.0 m3/sec. High sorption capacity of these pumps allows to accomplish up to several hundred cycles of pumping without their regeneration at their use in a range of working pressure from 1 up to 10-4 Pa. Ultra-high-vacuum sorption pumps cooled by solid nitrogen: A range of their working pressure is from 10-1 up to 5*10-7 Pa.

In these pumps adsorbent is cooled by solid nitrogen by the temperature 47-55К and has the sorption capacity greater then for order at nitrogen and hydrogen, than the same adsorbent at temperature of liquid nitrogen (77К). Such pumps are created for pumping of plasma-chemical devices where argon, nitrogen, freon, and aggressive gases (Н2S, F, HF) and others are used.

Cryogenic pump.
Fig. 1 Cryogenic pump.

Stage of Development

The pumps are fabricated and tested. The pilot samples are available. Covered by patents:

  • USSR А.С. 14300590, 1988;
  • USSR А.С. 1730709, 1989;
  • USSR А.С. 1815455, 1990;
  • Georgia P2155, 1999.

Contact Details

Yuri Nardaya
Organization: Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology (SIPT)
Address: 15 Kazbegi Avenue 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995 32) 33 5520
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