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Organization of Natural Gas Odorizer Manufacturing


The odorizer has a unique construction as illustrated in figure 1.

Main parts are as follows: Calibrated vessel (1) – space between two level sensors of the odorizer (upper level sensor 1.1 and lower level sensor 1.2).
When the lower level sensor is activated valve 3 opens and the vessel is filled from lower level to upper level and valve 3 is closed. Operating mode is continuous, a processor captures activation instants of upper (sensor 1.1) and lower (sensor 1.2) levels.

Innovative Aspect and Main Advantages

The volume of odorizer between two sensors is enough to odorize certain amount of natural gas. The processor receives 1 impulse per 1m3 gas from the gas-meter and gives command to atomize corresponding amount of odorizer.

Since using whole amount of odorizer between the upper and the lower sensors, the processor analyses the ratio of gas to odorizer. If in following cycle occur any ratio error it is corrected (the amount of odorizer per 1m3 gas is increased or decreased). Thus high accuracy odorization is allowed.

Areas of Application

The odorizer can be applicable in various industries, e.g. food industry, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

The device has attractive technical characteristics, fine unit dose (2-7μl), and high accuracy odorization.

The odorizer is controlled by a microprocessor (CPU-222). It is manufactured by Siemens and specifically programmed.

Specially developed transition electronics is placed between processor and odorizer with spark-proof design. The processor receives 1 input pulse per 1m3 gas from the gas-meter (gas amount corrector “ЕК-260”; “SUPERFLO-II”, or others). The gas-meter output transistors are charged by decoupled Galvanic power supply 5V. Odorizer’s average consumption at maximal demand does not exceed 8W. Galvanic decoupling between odorizer units is provided by optical couplers.

Scheme of odorizer
Fig. 1 Scheme of odorizer

Stage of Development

The experimental prototype of natural gas odorizer has been made.

The device is currently installed at a consumer’s object for test and evaluation.

Covered by patent of Georgia #AU20058944U, 2005.

Contact Details

Yuri Nardaya
Organization: Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology (SIPT)
Address: 15 Kazbegi Avenue 0160 Tbilisi, Georgia
(+995 32) 33 5520
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